Trade Deadline?

As we near the Trade deadline i think we should very carefully examine our roster. Look i am of the view that we cannot win this division this year unless we pull off a huge trade, unfortantly i also think is extremely foolish to let a very young Porcello go through a trade and since we are already low in Left handed pitching i think it is also foolish to try to send away Casey Crosby or Andrew Oliver in a trade for anything other than a star Lefty or Hanley Ramirez which both are totally unrealistic so i myself would stay away from trading such pieces period. This is why i think why we are going after Ted Lilly because we wouldn't have to give up much for him. Dambroski wants to win but he also wants to keep our top pieces for the future, and i am sorry but i just don't see us winning without another big bat in the lineup. That is why i am going to say what i am going to say.

With all the teams in the hunt for a playoff spot this year there are very few teams selling and of the teams selling not many have the kind of stuff the buyers want. The Tigers however do have a few pieces who could provide a punch for some other team and with a shortage of these type of players around the Tigers could make out in a deal.

Magglio Ordonez: Why we do it- His contract is up at the end of this year and he is not getting any younger. Yes he does have a great bat right now and his Defense is ok the fact of the matter is he just doesn't have a ton left and its not a sure thing he resigns next year anyway which is why i say we start shopping him. We would probably still have to pay the majority of his contract but it doesn't really bother me cause i think they should just promote Jeff Frazier to take his spot.

Why People would want him- A team could use him as the starting Right Fielder and would get a very nice bat to add to the lineup. A move like this could be the differance between sitting at home watching come October or playing for a ring.

Carlos Guillen: Why we would do it- I believe his contract is up too. He is aging fast and is rapidly declining defensively.

Why people would want him- they can add a strong bat to the lineup and add a guy who could fill in at multiple positions and be a great DH

Those are the main two guys i would shop but i would listen to offers for Bonderman and Gallaraga too.

If i was going to make a trade i would try everything possible to get Ryan Domit and Hanley Ramirez but thats just unrealistic.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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