Robbie Weinhardt called up to Tigers as Galarraga optioned to Toledo

Right-hander Robbie Weinhardt has received his callup from the Detroit Tigers. He's seen during spring training in this photo by our own Allikazoo.

Robbie Weinhardt, welcome to the big leagues.

Armando Galarraga, it's nothing personal. But your services won't be needed until after the All-Star Break so it makes perfect sense.

Galarraga gave up three runs on 10 hits and three walks while flirting with disaster on Tuesday night. Eventually disaster found him and he allowed a two-run home run. After the game, the Tigers announced his option to Triple-A Toledo.

The right-handed reliever Weinhardt (stats) will be have his contract purchased from Toledo and join a bullpen that was taxed by an extra-innings game Tuesday after being used for most of the game Monday.

It's not every day a guy who came within one bad umpire decision of a perfect game gets optioned, but he had already spend time in the minors this year so it didn't cost the Tigers anything to make the move.

Tigers GM/President/CEO Dave Dombrowski explained the decision:

"With the all-star break now, we don't need a fifth starter to fall into the rotation until the 20th of July. So what he's going to do is ... pitch one game for Toledo on Thursday the 15th. He will pitch for us again on the 20th.

"It will allow us to bring an extra reliever here with us in the meantime."

He also said they are undecided who will pitch in the day-night double header on July 17, it could be someone from the bullpen or it could be a callup.

Galarraga was less pleased. MLive's Steve Kornacki reports:

“I don’t want to talk to you guys,” Galarraga said before briskly walking out of the clubhouse.

I've been excited to see what Weinhardt could do ever since last fall. He struck out an AFL league-high 29 in 18 innings and had a WHIP of 1.31. 

Weinhard has been solid in Triple-A this season, though not as great as in the AFL. He also suffered an injury that had him on the DL for awhile. He hasn't struck out as many batters as in the past, at 18 in 27 1/3 innings, but he's also walked just four. So that's a good ratio. In addition, he forces groundball outs more than twice as often as he gives up the fly ball. Total up the results, his WHIP is 0.95 and ERA 1.98.

There's a good chance he'll be making his MLB debut in the finale against the Orioles.

Oh, and he's a Twitterer, too, so be sure to congratulate @robbiew19!

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