The Future?

I think there's a three players that are nearing the end of their Tiger's careers. Guillen, Ordonez, and Inge.

IMO, Carlos Guillen is about done in a Tiger's uniform. At least, he better be. He's pretty much guaranteed to get hurt at LEAST once a year, and when he's healthy, his nice bat doesn't quite make up for his lack of defense. It was fun while it lasted Carlos, but it's time to say goodbye.


Magglio Ordonez appears about done soon, too. I love Maggs. But I don't want him back next year. Sorry. (Did we sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal? Anyone know?)


Brandon Inge is no doubt a fan favorite. Or a fan least-favorite. You either love him or hate him. I love him. But I think he needs to go when his contract runs out. He's not a great hitter. Never has been, never will be. He's always been a great DEFENDER. However, he's past his prime, and his Defense is gonna start declining.

If these three players are gone in the next couple years (as they should be IMO), that leaves the question, who should play where?

CF Austin Jackson

2B Will Rhymes/Scott Sizemore

RF Brennan Boesch

1B Miguel Cabrera

DH Victor Martinez

LF Ryan Raburn

3B Jhonny Peralta

C Alex Avila

SS Ramon Santiago


Austin Jackson is gonna play CF for us for a while. I have a feeling he can become a really great player.

Scott Sizemore is a good player. So is Will Rhymes. I like 'em both. I'm a bigger Rhymes fan, but I'd like to see them share time at 2B. Maybe Sizemore starts against a LHP and Rhymes against a RHP, or maybe whoever has been hitting well recently.

Brennan Boesch looks like a real good player too. When Magglio's gone he should be starting RF just about every single day.

Miguel Cabrera... what else is there to say? It's MIGUEL CABRERA! He's the 1B until we can't pay him anymore.

I've really begun to like V-Mart. (No, not just because he's been hitting well the past few days). I think he should be our everyday DH and backup Catcher.

I know there's quite a few Ryan Raburn haters out there. But I say, wait until the end of the year. If he's still hitting for such a low average and striking out so much, it might be time to cut ties with him. But give him a full year of starting. I have a feeling he can still become a good hitter.

If When Inge leaves the Tigers, I think Peralta should become our everyday 3B. He may not be spectacular defensively, but he gets the job done. And he hits. Why not return him to 3B?

If this isn't a fluke, and Alex Avila really CAN hit like he has been of late, I'd like to see him catch in a Tiger's uniform for years to come.

And last but not least, I think Ramon Santiago can become and everyday SS. He's got some nice speed, a good glove defensively, and I think he can hit around .280.

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