On a day with rumors swirling, what is the best idea to put the Tigers over the top?

Today has been filled with a constant stream of rumors connecting the Tigers with multiple different pitchers. With the exception of Ubaldo Jimenez, this has been a very unexciting group of guys. Looking at the rumors, most of the guys don't represent going 'all-in' for a world series trophy, as Mike Illich desperately wants, or making a major attempt at keeping DD in the D. People are complaining about Jeremy Guthrie, stating that his ERA is showing that adding him would do nothing more than duplicate Brad Penny's starts. These people usually go on to state that we should overspend on Ubaldo Jimenez, who, don't get me wrong, would be one amazing addition. However, he would require the entire basis of our farm system. The Rockies would undoubtedly need Turner, F. Martinez, Crosby, Castellanos, etc. I'm sorry, but that is not even close to being worth it. We would be better off saving the farm and finding some other guys else to fill the voids at SP and 2B/3B. I have put together a couple of options that would probably help this team for this year, as well as the next few.

Option A) 



Taking on all of Beltran's salary will allow for us to buy lower, but he will have to play center in order to allow Boesch and Ordonez to still play every day. Moving Guillen to 3B and calling up Rhymes would allow us to fill the 3B void and give us a leadoff hitter in Rhymes. Acquiring Wandy gives a very good pitcher to take some stress off of Scherzer and Porcello, and give us a much better rotation. Now, assuming that you didn't leave when you saw "Call up Jacob Turner", i will say that he will pitch out of the bullpen, in low-stress/mop-up roles in long relief. This gives him experience, as well as gets him comfortable in the Bigs while limiting his innings-pitched. I believe that Beltran has a clause in his contract that states that if he is traded, the acquiring team cannot offer him arbitration after the season. Should that be correct, Jackson comes back next year having worked on strikeouts and getting on base at AAA. Should that not be correct, and we re-sign Beltran, he moves to LF, allowing Jackson to come back into CF and Boesch to play his natural position of RF. Having not given up Francisco Martinez in the Wandy or Beltran trades, we give him a September callup and give him the starting job next year while allowing Guillen to go. These moves would result in a lineup of Rhymes, Boesch, Ordonez, Cabrera, Martinez, Beltran, Guillen, Peralta, Avila. It also gives us a rotation of JV, Wandy, Max, Porcello, and Penny. Turner would solidify the 'Pen, and if need be, we call up Ruffin. This results in an excelent rotation, lineup, and a much improved bullpen.


Option B)



Both Headley and Harang are having good seasons, but historically are mediocre players. Harang is benefiting from pitching in PETCO, and Headley benefiting from an absurd .381 BABIP. Harang would have the chance to continue the success that he is having in pitcher-friendly CoPa, but I cannot see Headley continuing his success for the rest of the season. Personally, I would rather save the likes of Oliver and Villarreal for a more productive trade, as this one would not likely put the Tigers into a position of being the division favorites. This trade would result in a lineup of Jackson, Boesch, Ordonez, Cabrera, Martinez, Peralta, Guillen, Avila, Headley. It also results in a rotation of JV, Max, Porcello, Harang, Penny, which is really no better than it is now. The 'Pen would not get any better.


Option C)


  • Send Charlie Furbush, Wade Gaynor to the Orioles for Jeremy Guthrie
  • Send Daniel Schlereth to the Rockies for Ian Stewart
  • Send Adam Wilk to the A's for Brian Fuentes

This one would be, in my opinion, the third best option. I really like Stewart, because I believe that he really needs a change of scenery. Guthrie is another guy that is probably a Brad Penny clone, but could give us strength for the rest of the year pitching out of Camden Yards. Fuentes would help the bullpen, as he could take more pressure off of the younger guys currently at AAA (Perry, Schlereth). This would result in a lineup of Jackson, Boesch, Ordonez, Cabrera, Martinez, Peralta, Guillen, Stewart, Avila. It also results in a rotation of JV, Max, Guthrie, Porcello, Penny, with an improved 'Pen with the addition of Fuentes. 



Option D)

  • Send a minor league pitcher and/or position player to the Braves for Derek Lowe

I am not even going to elaborate on this one. All that I am going to say is that this better not ever happen.


Option E)

  • Call up Jacob Turner
  • Call up Will Rhymes
  • Move Guillen to 3B
  • Convince Brandon Inge to retire

This scenario was put together with the idea of saving the farm and preparing for next year while not completely giving up on this year. If Jacob Turner is given the shot to be the #5 starter this year, he will gain enough experience to know what he is dealing with next year when he is handed a starting spot out of spring training. Also, allowing Rhymes to play everyday at 2B gives him the opportunity to settle in and hold down 2B while preparing for Francisco Martinez to play 3B everyday next year. Should Rhymes play well and get on base consistently and Turner pitch well, we will still have a great shot at contending. This saves our farm and lets a few young guys get ready for a pennant chase next year. This results in a lineup of Jackson, Rhymes, Boesch, Cabrera, Martinez, Ordonez, Peralta, Guillen, Avila. It also results in a rotation of JV, Max, Porcello, Turner, Penny. The 'pen remains the same.
My favorite of all of these options is option A, with the fallback being option E. Nobody likes the thought of conceding a pennant race, but I don't picture E as a concession. I view it as saving our weak farm while making us stronger for next year and still giving us a chance for this year. Turner can't have as mediocre of a season as Harang and Guthrie are going to have, so therefore there is no reason to give up prospects. As you can see, almost all of the scenarios included "Convince Brandon Inge to retire". I'm sorry everybody, but he is done. Following his third strikeout last night, you could see it on his face. He may retire, but he will stay with the team as a special adviser or front office guy in order to stay around the game and remain with the Tigers. I like the idea of giving Rhymes the time to play, because of his great play last year as well as his great play at AAA. Now, as i finally wrap up this 1300 word FanPost, I will state that my lineups are not necessarily how I would want them, but rather how JL would fill them out. Boesch needs to bat 3rd, theres no way around that. But I digress.... Which option would be better now and in the long run for the Tigers and their World-Series deprived owner?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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