Ode To 2012 - Think Gilligan's Island theme song

I read a poem today and started goofing around with the Gilligans Island theme song - Add a verse or two

My Ode to 2012 -

(Read to Gilligan's Island Theme Song)

Now sit right back and enjoy the tale

Of a team of with destiny

That started on a cold dark day

When Victor wrecked his knee, when Victor wrecked his knee

With V-mart hurt for many months,

The season it seemed lost,

Til Illitch said those magic words,

Sign Prince at any cost, sign Prince at any cost

So Fielder joined the Tigers Team,

First base is where he'd play,

And Miggy said he'd go to third,

But what would Brandon Say, but what would Brandon say

Inge tried his best at second base

But played it pretty badly

And fans they jeered the former great

And booed him somewhat sadly, and booed him somewhat sadly

Inge then got cut one afternoon

For me it was quite sad

And Delmon pulled his racist act

And everyone got mad, and everyone got mad

A drunken Young is quite the fool

His ass went right to jail

Poor David D was forced again

To post a players bail, to post a players bail

Strained obliques a word that we all learned

It happened to Doug Fister

Then Smyley fell for something dumb

An ugly big old blister, An ugly big old blister

Though many problems faced the boys,

Through out an awful week

The worst was Austins words they heard

Another strained oblique; another strained oblique

This story had a sunny side

Though we were all quite wary

The Tiger they replaced him with?

A guy named Quinton Berry, A guy named Quinton Berry

Q, he had been on the farm

For more than 7 years

The first time up he got a hit

And calmed our many fears, and calmed our many fears

The All Star game was quite the show

JV he took the Mound

As starter we all new he'd win

The N L they would pound, the N L they would pound

It did not happen quite that way

Our boy got smacked a bit

And Miggy was just average

But Prince he was a hit, But Prince he was a hit

The season at its half way point

The team not at it's best

The offense it was strugg a ling

The bull pen was a mess; the bull pen was a mess

The trade deadline was almost here

And everyone just knew

That David D would make a trade

The season wasn't through, the season wasn't through

Aniball and Omar were

The guys that came our way

They started slow but found their mark

And really came to play, and really came to play

Miggy was the star all year

Long Homers he hit out

But geeks could only tell us all

About this guy name Trout, about this guy name Trout

He had a better year they'd say

WAR is the reason why

But I say Triple Crown means more

I'll say it till I die; I'll say it till I die

We caught the Sox, then passed them by

And CRAM IT HAWK we scream

The play offs in Detroit again

We love our favorite team, we love our favorite team

Through all the ups and downs this year

The Sadness and the Joys

My favorite place to vent and rant

This place called Bless You Boys, This site called Bless You Boys

And I'll be there through out the game

To watch the Tigers win

JVs the best, there's just no way

The A's will win again, The A's will win again

And if by chance the Tigers lose

The season will be done

But bottom line I'll say it loud

2012's been fun, 2012's been funI'

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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