Leyland talks Cabrera, Henning talks 2013

Christian Petersen

Fox's broadcast was awful, Miguel Cabrera shouldn't have skipped out on the media session, Clayton Kershaw is the Roberto Clemente Award winner, and other links.

Well, the season's over and these stories are all yesterday's breakfast, but enjoy them anyway.

Leyland talks to Cabrera about media availability

Jason Beck, MLB.com

Like it or not, you've got to talk to the media in the bad times as well as the good. If for no other reason than to keep the media from creating a controversy.

When trailing three games to none ...
Chris Jaffe, HardBallTimes

Well, it's not pretty.

Detroit Tigers' core is strong but roster will change in 2013
Lynn Henning, Detroit News

Never to early to start looking ahead, I guess. Victor Martinez will be back after a year lost to injury. But as Henning points out, the Tigers are going to have to make changes. The challenge is figuring where the issues they can address really lies. Henning sees the corner outfield being changed and possibly the shortstop. We'll see.

Bad luck isn't to blame for the Tigers' demise; the offense is
Drew Sharp, Free Press

Sharp makes two points in his column actually, saying neither bad luck nor the layoff is to blame. And really, he's probably right. It's not like the Tigers were all Silver Sluggers the entire season and completely forgot how to bat. They kind of reverted to the team that would show up at the worst times and frustrate the heck out of people. Really, it's just who they are.

Fox Sports' coverage has been a visual, aural mess
David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

If someone asked me Friday if I'd seen the game the previous night, I would have given them an earful: Yeah, I saw the game - some of it anyway, when Fox wasn't apparently bored with the game and actually covered it.

You can say that -- BREAKING I take you now to an interview with the CEO of Taco Bell -- leave the jokes to me, buddy -- for an update on whatever crap that Taco Bell apparently has to give away -- again. And Fox's choices for the National Anthem singers have been hideous.

If the baseball wasn't bad enough, the broadcasts are just painful.

Why are we being punished like this?!

Tigers offense tipping its cap, again
Matthew B. Mowery, Oakland Press

Two of Detroit's chief problems: the big guys in the middle. Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder just didn't do much of anything, as Mowery notes.

Elsewhere in the MLB:

Kershaw receives Roberto Clemente Award
Tony Paul, Detroit News

Kershaw and wife, Ellen, oversee Kershaw's Challenge, which, through donations and financial pledges for each of the Dodgers left-hander's strikeouts provides support for young people in Los Angeles and his hometown of Dallas.

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