Tigers 2013 Wants VS Reality

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With the season over we enter what is my favorite time of the year, the off season. The speculation of who is going where and for how long/how much is almost as exciting as an October game. I can't help but be glued to Hot Stove on MLB, Bless You Boys, and various other rumor sites along with twitter waiting for that big scoop.

Every year I find myself making two lists when it comes to next years roster. One is the roster I would like to see, this is with feasibility in mind when it comes to contracts and trades, no outlandish rosterbating. The Second is what I think they will do. There is, however, often a third list. That is Dombrowski's close to the vest wheeling and dealing under the guidance of Illich. Who in the world had Fielder on this team last off season? So, lets start with what I would like to see.


CF Jackson

LF Dirks

3B Cabby

1B Fielder

DH V-Mart

RF Yet to be named free agent. Hopefully with some pop in the bat and maybe speed

2B Infante

SS Yet to be named free agent. Plus plus on defense, not too worried about the bat

C Avila/Laird

bench:Kelly, Santiago, Bery, Garcia, Worth. Please no Boesch, or Raburn. Garcia should probably start in AAA






Smiley sorry Rick, we need a lefty.


Closer Yet to named Free Agent

Setup Benoit (1 year on his contract so lets give him another shot)





maybe Porcello in Long Relief or another AAA guy.

That's what I'd like to see. I think Ronden needs a year in AAA before we give him the closer role, and I'd like Garcia to have a year more before he is handed RF. one year deals on SS and RF would shore up the lineup and defense, and Sanchez would solidify the rotation.

Onto what I think will happen. I think it will be pretty close to what I have here with two, possibly three exceptions. I believe they will resign Peralta, and platoon Garcia and Berry in Right. Garcia will get a lion's share of those reps. Sanchez would like to be a Tiger and the Tigers would love that to happen. Money may be an issue though, as he will command a lofty salary. Even with money off the books, many players are arbitration eligible, and are to see a raise. If Sanchez is not signed there will be room for both Smiley and Porcello. I can live with that if we upgrade defensively at SS. Porcello's ground ball outs are hard to get with this infield.

So lets hear your wants and realities, and maybe even your outside shots. Will their be another "Fielder" this year?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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