A's claim west title, playoff scenarios updated

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

With the Oakland A's claiming the American League's west division crown by defeating the Texas Rangers, the playoff picture became a little clearer. Here are the scenarios.

The Oakland A’s finished off an improbable comeback, completing a three game sweep of the defending AL champion Texas Rangers this afternoon to claim the American League’s west division title, sending the Rangers to the wild card showdown. The A’s were twelve games behind the Rangers in June, but had pulled even Tuesday night, setting up Wednesday’s showdown for the division title. Oakland trailed 5- 1 early, but came charging back to beat the Rangers, 12- 5.

The Tigers know that they will be the third seed in the American League and will host the second seed on Saturday and Sunday. What they don't know is which team they will be playing and where they will travel for games 3, 4, and 5 on October 9, 10, and 11, if necessary. That picture has become a bit clearer this afternoon.

It boils down to this: If the Yankees win, the Tigers will play Oakland. If the Yankees lose, the Tigers will play the AL east winner.

The Tigers will not be playing Texas, since the Rangers will be playing in the wild card game on Friday. Detroit will be playing Oakland if the New York Yankees defeat the Boston Red Sox in Yankee stadium, later tonight.

If the Yankees lose and the Orioles win, that sets up a game 163 division tiebreaker on Thursday at Baltimore to determine the east division champion. The Tigers would then play the winner of that division tiebreaker.

Following is a chart of the playoff scenarios that may result from tonight's games. The 1st seed will play the wild card, and the Tigers as the 3 seed will play the second seed in each case.

Playoff Scenarios Chart, October 3, 2012

Boston at New York Baltimore at Tampa Bay Tiebreaker NY at Bal Playoff Seedings
New York wins Baltimore wins None 1 NY, 2 Oak, 3 Det, 4 WC (Tex at Bal)
New York wins Baltimore loses None 1 NY, 2 Oak, 3 Det,4 WC (Bal at Tex)
New York loses Baltimore wins New York 1 Oak, 2 NY, 3 Det, 4 WC (Tex at Bal)
New York loses Baltimore wins Baltimore 1. Oak, 2 Bal, 3 Det, 4 WC (Tex at NY)
New York loses Baltimore loses None 1 Oak, 2 NY, 3 DET, 4 WC (Bal at Tex)
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