Cecil Fielder criticizes Prince Fielder before awards ceremony

Thanks for the onsite report! Edited slightly from its original form- Kurt

Friday night, I went to Tropicana Field here in Tampa to attend the Annual Induction Ceremony for the Ted Williams Hitting Hall of Fame and this years inductees were Tino Martinez and Cecil Fielder. I shot some video of Fielder's speech (with a FLIP Camera so not the best quality) , which I planned on posting after I downloaded it. As I was waiting for the video to download, an article came across my Twitter feed from the Tampa Bay Times titled: Cecil Fielder chides his son Prince at Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame Induction. (Story linked and below are the pertinent quotes from the story).

Cecil claims that he has no interest in seeing his son play in Detroit

"As a father, of course you're proud of what your son's been able to accomplish on the field. But as a father also you worry about how he is growing as a man, how — I want to say this correctly — how he is communicating with everybody that had something to do with how he got to where he is. And that part of my son, I think we're all a little disappointed." - Tampa Bay Times

He reiterated that Prince has no ties to the extended family including his ill grandparents and hides behind Scott Boras. He says Prince refuses to acknowledge those that helped him along the way:

"We all knew the kid was obese. He had a hard time running to first base without getting tired. You don't transform your body by yourself, you've got to have trainers, you've got to have people cooking for you, there's a lot of things that go into that. …

"There's a lot of people that wish he would get over whatever he's got going on with his self. … And once he gets rid of that, I think those people he needs to reach out to other than me, I think hopefully he will."

Cecil claims that he took his family to see Prince play in Atlanta a few years ago and when he went to the family waiting area he was asked to leave.

"I know what I did for my son, and he knows what I did for him," Cecil Fielder said. "I'm going to take the high road, stay away from it and not cause any friction. … You play for the Tigers, I played for the Tigers, do your thing. … If you want to stay stuck whatever cocoon you're in, stay there, but I'm not going to join you."

Cecil claims that is going to take the high road? As shown below he just accused Prince of alienating the family, not caring about ill grandparents, not crediting those that helped him overcome his obesity, and accused Prince in a roundabout way of having security remove him from a family waiting area at a ballgame.

Then, at the end of all this claims that he is going to take the high road?


Rob Neyer has an additional take at Baseball Nation.

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