Detroit Tigers Links: Justin Verlander's luck & Stephen Strasburg's 8-pound hamburger

March 10, 2011; Lakeland, FL, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander (35) warms up before the top of the second inning of a spring training game against the Washington Nationals at Joker Marchant Stadium.

Justin Verlander's luck could run out in 2012; Miguel Cabrera won't get a defensive replacement; and Stephen Strasburg has 8-pound hamburger named after him. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander's statistics likely to regress as his luck normalizes --, Justin Rogers
I can't help but agree with this. Verlander will still be dominate -- he might still win 20 games -- but he won't have the same season as last year. Like Rogers said, he had several "breaks" last season that likely won't go his way a second time around. I hope they do, but we should probably all count on them not.

Five to watch: Poised to have impact on new teams --, Paul Hagen
"Here's a look at five guys who changed teams this winter and who should make an impact in 2012." To the surprise of no one, Prince Fielder is on this list.

Octavio Dotel knows all about changing places -- ESPN, Jayson Stark
This is not the first -- and I don't think it will be the last -- article we see on Octavio Dotel and his record 13 seasons, 13 different teams stat. Nevertheless, a good read from Stark.

Detroit tigers statues to leave Milford -- Connecticut, Ali Reed
The guy quoted in this article is named Bill Mensching. Hmmmmm ...

Positional Power Rankings: Relief Pitchers -- FanGraphs Baseball, Carson Cistulli
More FanGraphs rankings! Weeeeee! The Detroit Tigers didn't rank high here (20th). I'm not at all surprised. Our bullpen is scary. Really scary.

Leyland: Cabrera won't exit for defense --, Jason Beck
Leyland reiterated his comments Monday about not having a defensive replacement for Miguel Cabrera. And it seems he might be sick of people asking about it.

Brandon Inge: A Player in a Class to Himself -- Walkoff Woodward, Doc Worn
Doc wrote an article about Brandon Inge. He has no idea why. But I suppose that's the beauty of Inge. Nobody knows why he elicits the feelings he does.

Around the AL Central:

The Volatile Cleveland Indians Rotation -- Baseball Nation, Marc Normandin
"The Indians' rotation is surprisingly talented, even if they are just as likely to implode as shine." Well said. Though you can say that about just about any major league team.

Francisco Liriano: One Of The Mystery Players Of 2012 -- Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee
Will Francisco Liriano ever live up to the hype he carried in 2006? He certainly hasn't made the best case for himself the past few seasons. Liriano will be a free agent after this year, so a big season will be needed. Can he do it?

Elsewhere in baseball:

No expanded replay in MLB this season for trapped balls and fair-or-four calls -- The Washington Post
"Major League Baseball says expanded replay is out for this year, with the goal now to put the extra looks in play for 2013."

Mariners 2012 Commercials --
The Mariners released their annual commercials. And they don't disappoint. Full disclosure: Ichiro does a Sean Connery impression. It wins at everything.

Stephen Strasburg gets 8-pound hamburger — ’The StrasBurger’ — named after him -- Big League Stew, David Brown
I'll take a diet coke with that, please.

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