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I started this fan post because I am curious what stations other BYB folks listen to.I have Sirius in my car and occasionally listen to the MLB Chanel but because its national, most stories and discussions are not as interesting to me this time of year..

I'm just North of Lansing and sports talk radio is somewhat limited. We have an am station (730) that carries the Tigers and also has local call in shows. Early morning we get a three hour show from David "mad dog" Demarco, followed by another three hours of "The Dean of Sports: Tim Staudt". Tim is the Sports Director for the Lansing NBC affiliate. Mid Day it's Jim Rome and afternoon drive is Bill "Huge" Simonson.

The Mad dog show is fun because the host, Dave DeMarco, got the gig by being a regular caller to the old Papa Joe Chevalier nationally syndicated sports show. He called at least once a day and eventually got a part time job at the local station.. For 16 years he has had one show or another in this market and has come a long long way. Dave will deny it but he is a Michigan State University homer and during Football and Basketball seasons he'll drive Michigan fans crazy. He is also a huge baseball fan and is very knowledgeable about the history of the game. He is a Leyland apologist and will be defending him until the day he moves on. Dave gets fascinating guests, and does a good job interviewing them. Today for example he had Dr. Mike Marshall on the show and he talks to Denny McLain a couple times a month. Dave also does well with most callers, though he will occasionally piss one off and they will depart for a while. Dave does not have patience for wannabe fans of any sport and he'll sometimes ridicule a caller that tries to talk about a sport when they are at best a casual fan. Once in a while he goes to far. That's a lot rarer these days. All in all if you are in the Lansing area between 6-9, check out his show.

Tim Staudt has been covering sports in Lansing for as long as I can remember. He has been around so long that his first breaking news stories was the retirement of Duffy Daugherty as MSU football coach. Staudt has also had the sports talk show for 20 years and continues to do well in local am ratings. Staudt will talk about the Tigers but baseball has never been his passion so I rarely listen to his show which follows DeMarco from 9-12. If you enjoy Michigan State athletics and golf Tim Staudt is your man. His show is kind of lame with a "You Pick em" contest evry other day where callers win stuff for guessing how many hits in the game tonight, or for the total points in the MSU u of M game. His you pick em shows are jammed with callers but most want to just register for equally lame prizes. During football and basketball seasons any move by a Michigan State athlete or coach gets dissected by the "Staudt On Sports" community. Both Izzo and Dantonio call in and talk with The Dean. Staudt's show for me is just ok. If something happened at MSU I tune in because I know it will be discussed. But golf is not something I am interested in and that's why I rarely listen and prefer the CBS tv affiliate sportscaster Fred Heuman. Fred contributes to the mad dog show and is passionate about the Tigers. He is Tim's competition on TV so he rarely if ever appears on Tim's show.

As I understand it the the afternoon drive time "Huge" show is on a state wide network. For me it is un listenable. I tried three times in the past week to listen to the show but his anti Leyland, anti Inge, anti Raburn rhetoric is almost nauseating. My drive home is 15 minutes and all three times Simonson just attacked and attacked. He wants Leyland fired today and will not shut up about it. His callers are a mixed bag of some folks that sound like real baseball fans and others that call in with this type of comment that prove their ignorance:

"Hi Huge - I'd fire Leyland and all of his assistant managers" Simonson will agree with any anti Leyland sentiment. but never ever correct or call out a precious listener. Pro Leland or even ambivalent ones like me rarely get on the air. Another caller last week suggested that Leyland bring in Rodney instead of Valverde and a third wanted to trade Inge (after he had been released) and Raburn to Minnesotta to get Clete Thomas back. I could rip on Simonson and his callers all day. A really good description of Huge is at Designaterobertson:

All in all sports talk is pretty limited here. There used to be two competing stations but for several years we have been down to one. I wish 730 would drop the broadcast of the huge show and replace it with true afternoon drive of local guy Dave DeMarco but until then it's MLB on Sirius for me.

I'd be interested in hearing about other local sports talk shows around Michigan. Who do you listen to?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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