Bless You Boys Podcast 54: EVERYBODY PANIC!

This week's Bless You Boys Podcast should calm your panicky nerves. As Kurt said (after Allison got the topic going) "Every loss is not the end of the world!" Let's hope.


You want to press the button, don't you?

BYB Podcast 54 has a running time of 56 minutes and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Things went to Hell in Kansas City for the Detroit Tigers.
  • How can a home run ball be both fair and foul at the same time? The Tigers sure found out.
  • The Chicago White Sox are coming to town for a huge weekend series. We all may have a better opinion (or worse, God forbid) of this Tigers team after the next 3 games.
  • Miguel Cabrera is visibly hurting.
  • The roster will soon expand, we make the call as to who makes the short trek from Toledo.
  • Kurt's latest Detroit News column is a Nick Castellanos reality check for the Tigers fan base.
  • Arizona Fall League rosters announced. Luke Putkonen is playing in the AFL? Seriously?
  • Lynn Henning predicts nearly half the Tigers' roster will change from 2012 to 2013.You know what? He's right.
  • Jim Leyland is catching much grief from Tigers fans, much of it undeserved. But why isn't the Teflon GM, Dave Dombrowski, catching Hell as well?
  • The week in media idiocy proves Terry Foster doesn't know the difference between playing hurt and trying to play through an injury.
  • Goodbye Nick Punto. May you find the juice boxes worth stealing in LA. There were some other players involved the Dodgers-Red Sox trade too.
  • Best news of the week? 84 year old Vin Scully will call Dodgers games in 2013.
  • Final thoughts remind Tigers fans to be careful what they wish for...

Twitter accounts mentioned: @StarEagle

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