Plan for Domination - Master Plan

Much has been debated about the merits or demerits of trading Rick Porcello. If a deal goes through I think it would be the beginning of a few moves designed to make this Tiger team a dominant force for the next 2 seasons and still set up to succeed after that. If I were D.D. this would be my Master Plan.

1. Trade Rick Porcello, Johnny Peralta, Boesch, and a solid prospect in a 3 way deal with Seattle and Baltimore. Baltimore gets Porcello and Peralta. Seattle gets Boesch and a mid level prospect with promise. We get J.J. Hardy and something small from Baltimore. So why Seattle? Here is why.

2. The Detroit Tigers acquire both Kyle Lohse AND Rafeal Soriano in the above trade from Seattle. Seattle having a protected 1st round pick would only have to give up something like the 55th and 90th picks in the draft. We give them Brennan Boesch for helping us out and a mid level prospect. I would much rather give up Boesch than the number 23 pick in the draft. He doesn't fit our team and needs a new start. We sign Lohse to a 2 year deal with a option for a 3rd and we sign Soriano to a 1 year deal with a mutal option for a second year.

3. We go into the season looking like this.

AJAX, Hunter, Cabby, Fielder, VMART, Dirks, J.J. hardy, Avila, Infante

Verlander, Max, Fister, Anibal, Lohse

Soriano, Benoit, Dotel, Rondon, Al Al, Villareal, Coke, Downs

4. Here are some of the names on our Triple A Team -

Smyly, Crosby, Below, Marte, Ortega,

Nick C, Avisail G, Holaday, Scotts

This would be balsy. This would be brash. This would be totally Mike Illitch. And this would send a signal to the rest of baseball that we are the team to beat now....and in the future.

-We would have one of the best rotations in baseball history and even if we have a major injury Smyly can step in.

-We would defensively go from a very weak team D to suddenly a Top 10 team and we would be Top 3 potentially up the middle and in the outfield.

-I believe we would have a TOP 5 Bullpen

-We would steal more bases than we have anytime I could remember

-Basically if we pulled this off we would go into the season with NOT one of the issues we complained about last year.

No Raburn, No Inge, No Kelly, No Boesch. Just Ballers everywhere. Team leaders in VMART and Hunter. A deep pitching staff across the board resistant to injury. Above average defense. AND we still would have chips to play with come deadline time if a deal needed to be made or we just wanted to go from great to all time great.

Here is the point. Trading Rick Porcello is the trigger for all of this. I say go big or go home...even if we don't get the best of the Rick Porcello trade. Its a piece to the puzzle.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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