Trade Porcello to Arizona Now!

Arizona has exactly what we need if we are not going to be trading Rick Porcello for Major League talent. They have 3 really good lefties and good infield prospects. I think we should trade Rick P., Boesch, and a minor league talent for 4 prospects.

5) David Holmberg, LHP, Grade B: Solid workhorse starter in the making, could be ready for a major league trial in the second half. Skaggs, Holmberg, and Pat Corbin is a really nice trio of lefties, and Andrew Chafin is close behind.

6) Andrew Chafin, LHP, Grade B: Grade may seem aggressive, but he pitched better than his ERA at Visalia indicates, I love the strikeout/grounder combination, and no one has ever doubted his stuff.

13) Nick Ahmed, SS, Grade B-: Acquired from Braves in Upton trade. Very good defensive shortstop with speed and doubles power, good reputation for intangibles, hit adequately in High-A but will need to tighten up the strike zone in Double-A. Should be good utility guy at least and there is some chance he will hit enough to start.

22) Eury De La Rosa, LHP, Grade C: Another addition to 40-man roster following outstanding season in Double-A (2.84 ERA, 68/17 K/BB in 63 innings, 47 hits). Undersized 22 year old lefty but has good stuff and succeeds when he throws strikes. Could be surprise contributor in 2013.

Porcello for Holmberg, Ahmed and De La Rosa straight up would work as well. Holmberg and Crosby would be our insurance for Smyly this year and provide us with Leftie depth. Ahmed has upside and may be ready to play sooner than we all think. Porcello needs a new beginning and a good infield. And Drew Smyly needs to be pitching sooner rather than later. I know we all want 6 great starters on this team. But if we trade pitching for pitching than I don't think we are hurting our pitching core. Instead we are putting people in better positions to succeed for the long haul and maybe getting lucky with someone that exceeds expectations.

If Rick Porcello gets beat out by Smyly in training camp, gets injured, or just doesn't pitch well at all....his value is toast. Does anyone think he is going to be a great pitcher with fat men behind him that prefer strike outs to ground outs? Thats my take.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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