World Series odds: 4-way tossup

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Bovada announced odds Friday ahead of the League Championship Series getting underway

The Red Sox, Dodgers and Tigers are almost all equally likely to win the World Series, according to the odds announced by on Friday. The Cardinals were not far behind the pack.

So, despite all the narratives that will be batted around, bettingwise it's basically a tossup at this point -- which conforms to the oft-repeated idea that all of the teams that make it to the Division Series have about the same likelihood of going the distance. Same with the Championship Series.

The Dodgers and Red Sox are both favored to come out of their league's championship, giving them slightly better odds for the World Series. But even when you drill down the numbers, both NLCS and ALCS odds are pretty narrow toward those two teams.

The Tigers and Red Sox should go either six or seven games, which falls in line with what we're predicting at BYB as well (teaser: check back tomorrow for staff predictions!)

Courtesy Bovada, here are the odds and props:

World Series odds

Odds to win the 2013 World Series
Boston Red Sox 12/5
Los Angeles Dodgers 12/5
Detroit Tigers 11/4
St. Louis Cardinals 3/1

World Series Exact Matchup
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox 2/1
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Detroit Tigers 5/2
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox 11/4
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers 7/2

ALCS odds

Series Price

Detroit Tigers (Series Prices) 1/1 (EVEN)
Boston Red Sox (Series Prices) 5/6 (-120)

Exact Series Result

Boston Red Sox 4-0 11/1
Boston Red Sox 4-1 6/1
Boston Red Sox 4-2 7/2
Boston Red Sox 4-3 4/1
Detroit Tigers 4-0 12/1
Detroit Tigers 4-1 6/1
Detroit Tigers 4-2 11/2
Detroit Tigers 4-3 9/2

Total Games in Series

4 11/2
5 13/5
6 2/1
7 2/1

Series Spread

Boston Red Sox -1½ 3/2 (+150)
Detroit Tigers +1½ 5/9 (-180)

Boston Red Sox -2½ 15/4 (+375)
Detroit Tigers +2½ 2/11 (-550)

Boston Red Sox +1½ 5/13 (-260)
Detroit Tigers -1½ 2/1 (+200)

Boston Red Sox +2½ 2/11 (-550)
Detroit Tigers -2½ 15/4 (+375)

Player Props, Most Hits, Runs and RBIs in the Series

Dustin Pedroia (BOS) -125 (4/5)
Prince Fielder (DET) EVEN (1/1)

Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS) EVEN (1/1)
Torii Hunter (DET) -125 (4/5)

David Ortiz (BOS) EVEN (1/1)
Miguel Cabrera (DET) -125 (4/5)

Mike Napoli (BOS) -125 (4/5)
Victor Martinez (DET) EVEN (1/1)

Game 1 Strikeouts

Game 1 Strikeouts for Anibal Sanchez
Over/Under 6½

Game 1 Strikeouts for Jon Lester
Over/Under 5½

NLCS odds

Series Price

Los Angeles Dodgers (Series Prices) 5/7 (-140)
St. Louis Cardinals (Series Prices) 6/5 (+120)

Exact Series Result

Los Angeles Dodgers 4-0 19/2 
Los Angeles Dodgers 4-1 9/2 
Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 4/1 
Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3 7/2 
St Louis Cardinals 4-0 15/1 
St Louis Cardinals 4-1 8/1 
St Louis Cardinals 4-2 5/1 
St Louis Cardinals 4-3 5/1 

Total Games in Series 

4 11/2 
5 5/2 
6 2/1 
7 2/1 

Series Spread

Los Angeles Dodgers -1½ 3/2 (+150) 
St. Louis Cardinals +1½ 5/9 (-180) 

Los Angeles Dodgers -2½ 11/4 (+275) 
St. Louis Cardinals +2½ 2/7 (-350) 

Los Angeles Dodgers +1½ 5/14 (-280) 
St. Louis Cardinals -1½ 11/5 (+220) 

Los Angeles Dodgers +2½ 1/8 (-800) 
St. Louis Cardinals -2½ 5/1 (+500) 

Player Props, Most Hits, Runs and RBI's in the Series

Yasiel Puig (LA) -125 (4/5)
Yadier Molina (STL) EVEN (1/1)

Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) EVEN (1/1)
Carlos Beltran (STL) -125 (4/5)

Hanley Ramirez (LAD) -125 (4/5)
Matt Holliday (STL) EVEN (1/1)

Carl Crawford (LAD) 6/5 (+120)
Matt Carpenter (STL) 2/3 (-150)

Game 1 Strikeouts

Total Strikeouts Game 1 - Zack Greinke
Over/Under 5½ 

Total Strikeouts Game 1 - Joe Kelly
Over/Under 3½

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