Tigers vs. Red Sox, 2013 ALCS: Bless You Boys staff predictions

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Another playoff round, another set of predictions! Who wins in the ALCS, Tigers or Red Sox? Bless You Boys staff members break it down and make the call.

Here we go again! The Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics in five tough ALDS games, only to find a rested Boston Red Sox team waiting for them in the ALCS. With Tigers' playoff baseball nigh, once again BYB's writers and moderators who were able to participate make their series predictions. We are almost in lock-step, with one no longer surprising dissenter.

We want to hear your ALCS predictions. Let them fly in the comments!

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David: Tigers 4-2

Tigers in 6 due to the coming chickenpocalypse.

Jon: Tigers 4-3

Tough one....I will wing this from the road. Traveling from Des Moines to the Upper Peninsula. So with no stats in front of me....the Red Sox make more contact than Oakland. This will stress the Tigers defense. The Sox's deep lineup might run up pitch counts against the Tigers' rotation, but they avoided a similar problem in the ALDS.

The Tigers are used to grinding out close tight games. The Red Sox have only had a couple versus Tampa after coasting in September to a division crown. The Tigers' rotation flexes more muscles this week and the Detroit offense grinds out enough runs. Austin Jackson and Torii Hunter rebound. Victor Martinez is the offensive catalyst.
Tigers in 7. Four tight victories and maybe one blowout loss (if not two)

John: Tigers 4-3

Tigers in 7. Aniblal Sanchez, Max Scherzer, and Justin Verlander will each have at least one dominating performance.  The Tigers will win one game in a slugfest, but will also be shut out once.  Miguel Cabrera will aggravate his injury such that he must sit for a few games.  But Verlander will pitch game 7 and take a perfect game into the 9th inning.  He will not be able to finish it, but his legend will grow as he carries the Tigers to the World Series.

Patrick: Tigers 4-3

The Tigers hold their own fate in their hands.  All four Tigers' starters have been better this season than all four Boston starters. Four Tigers are top 10 in the league.  Boston's are all top 20 pitchers. The Tigers need to get timely base hits.  Boston's run producing advantage is offset by Tigers pitching. Detroit won the season series, 4 games to 3.  I'll go with Tigers in seven.

HookSlide: Tigers 4-2

I stand by my predictions from September 17: "The Tigers will trade games with the Red Sox until they stand at 2-2, then Prince Fielder's beard will reach its full 2012 form and the Tigers will easily take the next two games, because the Red Sox will be rolling around the field laughing. Neither team will realize they've accidentally played all six games in Oakland." Tigers in six games.

Phil Coke's Brain: Red Sox 4-2

I represented the lone voice predicting an Athletics series victory in the ALDS. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. However, my reasoning was sound and I still feel that the Tigers are extremely vulnerable. They still have problems with the bats going quiet and the defense is still yielding runs. Any cracks in the starting pitching will be exploited by a very talented Boston team.  I will ensure another series victory for the Tigers by saying the Red Sox will win in 6 games.

Rob: Tigers 4-3

Tigers in 7. Last year, the New York Yankees were running on empty by the time they met the Tigers in the ALCS. This isn't the case in 2013. Both of these teams are loaded and primed for a dogfight of a series. The Red Sox will make life difficult with their explosive lineup, but the Tigers' superior starting pitching will prove to be the difference in an instant classic of a series.

Al: Tigers 4-3

Just as in the ALDS, the difference in the ALCS will be the Tigers' starting rotation. It's the irresistible force of the Red Sox offense versus the immovable object which is the Tigers' starting pitchers.

It won't be easy. I'm not convinced the Tigers' offense has completely come out of their funk.  Prince Fielder, Torii Hunter and especially Austin Jackson need to step up, while Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta can't take a step back. But Miguel Cabrera will helped by the far cozier confines of Fenway Park. The fly balls he hit to the deep reaches of the cavernous O.co will find Fenway's short porch in right or clear the Green Monster in left.

The longer the series goes, the more I like the Tigers' chances. To get to the World Series, the Red Sox will have go through the best starting staff in the playoffs. No matter how good the Red Sox may be, they will have a hard time reaching four wins when they'll face Sanchez in Game 5, Scherzer in Game 6 and Verlander in Game 7. Tigers in 7.

Kurt: Tigers 4-2

The Red Sox are playing some of the best baseball in the playoffs, yet this series should be more fun than the last one. The Tigers seem to have found their mojo after 20-something scoreless innings against the A's, and even Miguel Cabrera has at last hit a home run. I don't think we'll see Sanchez get lit up two games in a a row, and you always have to like Scherzer and Verlander on the mound. I'm taking Tigers in 6.

Your final totals: Tigers 8, Red Sox 1.

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