Tigers GIFs of the year, 2013

Hannah Foslien

Well, regular-season edition anyway. Hopefully we'll have a lot more to enjoy a month from now.

"I like baseball, but how can I watch it in 3 seconds clips that repeat again and again and again?" you wonder.

Golly, do we have a solution for you!

Of course, you knew that already. You love GIFs. We love GIFs. We've been doing them all year long at Bless You Boys. So today I thought I'd look back at some of my favorites.

There is about a 100 percent chance I left out some great ones, so feel free to dig through our archives and tell us your favorites, too.

It's not a cookie! It's a Fig Newton. Of the Year.


Brayan does not want your fruit and cake. By the way, this funny relationship has been going on all year.

We could have any number of Brayan Pena GIFs. The one where he fell off the Gatorade cooler just missed the cut.

Torii Being Torii of the Year

Fan Interaction of the Year

Prince Fielder really needed a snack after that long run into foul territory, so he grabbed a nacho.

Although these folks who high-fived Andy Dirks may disagree.

Self Promotion of the Year


Hey, if you don't support you, why should anyone else support you?

Infield Play of the Year


We could pretty much just run a Jose Iglesias highlight reel, but Hernan Perez got in on the act, too.

Prince Fielder Slide of the Year

Runner up: vs. the Indians.

... and another, this time at third base.

Maybe Torii should show him how it's done.

Infield Play of the Year II


Outfield Play of the Year

Torii Hunter may be 38 28, but he's still got it in the field.

Ohhhhh Jackson! of the Year


Angry Leyland! of the Year


He has a bit of a potty mouth, you may have noticed.

Strike of the Year


Justin Verlander is just not fair.

Leyland's Dance Move of the Year (Part 1)

Jim shows a Michael Jackson impersonator how to moonwalk.

Celebration of the Year

Runner up: Cabrera was reallly excited for Avi Garcia's home run. The reaction to Max Scherzer's double was a close third. But be warned: some celebrations go better than others.

Suit and Tie of the Year

Future Cubs Fan Of The Year

No GIF collection would be complete without this one from April. Check out the story behind it.

Naturally, general silliness ensued from Mario and Rod

Mario: Oh, check that out! No way.

Rod: That's beautiful. I love it.

Mario: He just chucked it!

Rod: He got a good arm, that boy got a future.

Mario: Does he understand that foul balls are golden?

Mario: Let's check it out here. Guy catches it, gives it to the dad. 'Why don't you give it to your son?' 'I don't want it.'

Rod: Dad was shaking his hand 'thank you,' and he threw the ball away.

Mario: I don't even think the dad saw him chuck it.

Rod: He didn't!

Mario: No dinner for that young man tonight.

Lasting Image of the Year Regular Season

If you thought Leyland danced well before, put a little bubbly in on him to get him to show you his real moves. The lasting image of the regular season? It just might be.

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