Tigers managerial candidate: Charlie Manuel

Patrick McDermott

Charlie Manuel is a respected manager with a World Series title under his belt. Sounds like he would score highly on the LEYLAND scale, right?

In order to properly assess the Tigers' managerial search, we need access to Dave Dombrowski's office and the clubhouse. We don't have that. In fact, our managing editor is already dealing with snow up at the North Pole or thereabouts. Instead, we're going to judge managerial candidates based on five factors -- likelihood of bunting, bullpen management, willingness to berate umpires, emotion, and mustache quality. How will these factors be rated? On a scale of one to ten LEYLANDS, of course.

Former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel might not be the favorite candidate of most of the readers here, but his resume with a talent-laden roster speaks for itself. He's old, he's old school, and he should still be working in Philadelphia. Let's see how he scores on the LEYLAND scale.

Likelihood of bunting: 1 out of 10 LEYLANDS

During Manuel's nine seasons with the Phillies, they ranked 14th in the National League in sacrifice hits. Despite looking like an old, crusty bunt-lover on the outside, Manuel is an old, crusty "let 'em slug it out" skipper.

Bullpen management: 10 out of 10 LEYLANDS

Closer used in the ninth inning only? Check. Righty-lefty matchups? Check. Fans hate him for his decisions? Check. Mr. Manuel passes this category with flying colors.

Willingness to berate umpires: 7 out of 10 LEYLANDS


Also, having a manager whose mood can be measured by shades of purple would be fun.

Emotion: 4 out of 10 LEYLANDS


via thatcharliemanuelguy.files.wordpress.com

Mustache quality: 0 out of 10 LEYLANDS

Chuck is as clean-shaven as they come. This isn't always a bad thing, however.

Summary: 4.4 out of 10 LEYLANDS

Like Brad Ausmus, a lack of facial hair hurts an otherwise strong resume. Manuel might manage his bullpen like crud -- thus, scoring him highly here -- but we have a crud bullpen. I wouldn't hate this hire.

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