The ballparks of yesteryear

Dave Reginek

Stadiums today are mostly named after corporations, but that wasn't always the case. Can you name the ballparks of the 1980's?

I grew up in the 80's. I remember the 1984 World Series, I remember that Kirk Gibson was my all-time favorite player in 1985, and I remember that 1986 was the year I fell head-over-heels in love with baseball as a sport and started paying attention to what was going on in other divisions, with other teams.

In 1987, I got my hands on a baseball almanac that listed the name and street address of every major league ballpark, and I promptly wrote letters to nearly every one of those ballparks, asking for autographs from whatever star player belonged to that organization. I wrote to the Yankees and asked for Don Mattingly's autograph. I wrote to the Royals and asked for George Brett's autograph. I wrote several letters to the Tigers. (Ah, the naivete of youth.)

This was before the major stadiums sold their names to corporate sponsors, back when stadiums had names that were personal, names that meant something. I knew them all.

I was recently reminiscing about this period of time, and I found that I could still recall most of the old ballpark names. It was a fun little trip down memory lane, and I thought I would pass it along. See how many you can name (mouse-over the gray blocks or click "Show the answer" to reveal the names).

American League East

Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park Show the answer

New York Yankees: Yankee Stadium Show the answer

Detroit Tigers: Tiger Stadium Show the answer

Toronto Blue Jays: Exhibition Stadium Show the answer

Cleveland Indians: Cleveland Municipal Stadium/Jacobs Field Show the answer

Milwaukee Brewers: County Stadium Show the answer

Baltimore Orioles: Memorial Stadium Show the answer

American League West

California Angels: Anaheim Stadium Show the answer

Texas Rangers: Arlington Stadium Show the answer

Kansas City Royals: Municipal Stadium Show the answer

Oakland Athletics: The Coliseum Show the answer

Chicago White Sox: Comiskey Park Show the answer

Minnesota Twins: The Metrodome Show the answer

Seattle Mariners: The Kingdome Show the answer

National League East

New York Mets: Shea Stadium Show the answer

Philadelphia Phillies: Veterans Stadium Show the answer

St. Louis Cardinals: Busch Stadium Show the answer

Montreal Expos: Olympic Stadium Show the answer

Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field Show the answer

Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Rivers Stadium Show the answer

National League West

Houston Astros: The Astrodome Show the answer

Cincinnati Reds: Riverfront Stadium Show the answer

San Francisco Giants: Candlestick Park Show the answer

San Diego Padres: Jack Murphy Stadium Show the answer

Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodger Stadium Show the answer

Atlanta Braves: Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Show the answer

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