World Series odds: Detroit Tigers no longer championship favorites

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In the eyes of the Las Vegas odds makers, the Detroit Tigers have fallen behind the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers as the favorites to win it all.

Las Vegas has spoken. In eyes of the money men who run the sports books, the Tigers are no longer favorites to win the World Series. They have been usurped by the Red Sox at 15/4, followed by the Dodgers at 9/2. The Tigers are next at 19/4. But they are still expected to advance to the ALCS, favored over the Athletics.

This is what Jimmy Shapiro of tells us:

"For the first time all year, the Red Sox at 15/4 have finally surpassed the Dodgers and Tigers as World Series favorites, but are not seeing too much action. In fact they have been lightly bet all year and as a result, the Red Sox winning the World Series would be an ideal result for the book. With the Playoffs getting really underway in just a few hours we have seen quite a bit of Cardinals money forcing us to drop them from 6/1 to 11/2 and out of the AL it seems that the Rays who have had to battle their way in are the popular bet at a 8/1."

Odds to win the 2013 World Series:

Boston Red Sox 15/4
Los Angeles Dodgers 9/2
Detroit Tigers 19/4
St. Louis Cardinals 11/2
Atlanta Braves 7/1
Oakland Athletics 15/2
Tampa Bay Rays 8/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 10/1

Odds to win the 2013 AL Pennant:

Boston Red Sox 9/5
Detroit Tigers 2/1
Oakland Athletics 7/2
Tampa Bay Rays 4/1

World Series Exact Matchup:

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox 13/2
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Detroit Tigers 7/1
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox 7/1
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers 8/1
Atlanta Braves vs. Boston Red Sox 9/1
Atlanta Braves vs. Detroit Tigers 10/1
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics 10/1
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Tampa Bay Rays 12/1
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Boston Red Sox 12/1
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Oakland Athletics 12/1
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Detroit Tigers 14/1
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Tampa Bay Rays 14/1
Atlanta Braves vs. Oakland Athletics 18/1
Atlanta Braves vs. Tampa Bay Rays 20/1
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Oakland Athletics 20/1
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Tampa Bay Rays 22/1

ALDS - Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics:

ALDS Series Price:

Detroit Tigers 5/8 (-160)
Oakland Athletics 7/5 (+140)

Tigers vs. A's prop bets:

Exact Series Result:

Detroit Tigers 3-0 4/1
Detroit Tigers 3-1 11/4
Detroit Tigers 3-2 7/2
Oakland Athletics 3-0 7/1
Oakland Athletics 3-1 5/1
Oakland Athletics 3-2 7/2

Total games in series:

Three 5/2
Four 7/5
Five 3/2

Most Hits, Runs and RBI's in Series:

Miguel Cabrera -180 (5/9
Yoenis Cespedes +150 (3/2)

Prince Fielder -130 (10/13)
Josh Donaldson
EVEN (1/1)

Torii Hunter -130 (10/13)
Jed Lowrie EVEN (1/1)

Victor Martinez -130 (10/13)
Brandon Moss EVEN (1/1)

Game 1 Total Strikeouts, Over-Under:

Max Scherzer 7
Bartolo Colon 4

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