Trick or Treat! Halloween costumes designed for Tigers.

Dilip Vishwanat

Here are some costume ideas for Tiger players when they go trick or treating, as well as a few trick plays and treats they might receive in their candy sacks

Classic Costumes

Jim Leyland, The Marlboro Man. We know he couldn’t get through the outing without at least a few smokes, so this is the perfect disguise for him.

Prince Fielder: Prince and Cecil will take Jaden and Haven out for the evening. Three generations of Fielders. Pop and grandpa will be dressed as fielders, wearing only gloves, which absolutely nobody will recognize because they look nothing like fielders.

Austin Jackson: AJax will be given a full speed racer costume, complete with a crash helmet, a diving mask, and a complimentary diving lesson.

Torii Hunter: The winner of the Torii Hunter look-alike contest will go along and the two of them will be dressed as Twins, in an attempt to replicate Torii’s childhood as closely as possible. Oh how he misses his youth!

Victor Martinez: Just dad. Little Victor will be collecting the candy dressed in his Tiger uniform.

Alex Avila: Alex will be dressed as a knight, wearing a full suit of armor.

Don Kelly: Same thing he pretends to be every year -- a baseball player. Nobody ever figures it out.

Brayan Pena: Tarzan. Best outfit to accentuate Pena’s outstanding NERTS.

Jhonny Peralta, the Lone Ranger: He has always wanted range, and this is about the closest he will ever get to fulfilling that dream.

Andy Dirks: Andy will dress up as a giraffe. I’m not sure why.

Al Alburquerque: AlAl will be dressed up as a Phoenix.

Rod Allen is going as Lloyd McLendon. Not sure why the costume includes a halo, though.


Dave Dombrowski is going to tell Ozzie Guillen that he’d like to interview him for the Tigers' managerial job, then when Ozzie arrives for the interview on November 1, he’ll receive a letter that says "April Fools." And it’s not even April! That Dombrowski is such a character!

Phil Coke will be hired to do a stand up comedy act at the Fox Theater, only to find that he’s the opening act for his own brain.

Ramon Santiago will be doing a disappearing act.

Rick Porcello will be traded with Coke, Kelly, Crosby, and Perez to the Rays for Ben Zobrist, Joe Maddon, and Sean Rodriguez. If you think Rick is upset, you should see how Andrew Friedman feels about DD's tricks when he opens the package.

Joaquin Benoit is learning an eephus pitch, which he practices by throwing to a David Ortiz fathead. So far, the fathead is hitting only .200, but all the hits are home runs.


Miguel Cabrera: Nothing but treats for Miggy, and there's no point in dressing him up. In his sack, he will find a silver slugger and another MVP award.

Max Scherzer: A Cy Young award can be found among Max’s candy.

Anibal Sanchez will receive the Ed Walsh award for being the pitcher with the league's best ERA.

Doug Fister will receive a set of chocolate knuckles to chew on.

Jose Iglesias: Jose will be dressed up as ROY Rogers, and the hardware in his bag will be suitable for the occasion.

Omar Infante: In his sack, Omar will find a brand new three year, $24 million contract with up to $1 million more in incentives, and a fourth year vesting option that triggers with 502 plate appearances in the third season.

Drew Smyly: see Porcello trade above under "tricks."

Justin Verlander will receive a Kate Upton fathead. Not sure if this is a trick or a treat. We inquire no further.

Got any more ideas for costumes or trick or treats?

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