MLBPA announces 147 players are eligible to be free agents, including seven Detroit Tigers

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The MLBPA has issued their complete list of 147 free agents-to-be. Seven Tigers are are eligible, including Joaquin Benoit and Omar Infante.

The MLBPA has released the list of 147 major league players who will be free agents as of 12:01 AM EST, Tuesday, November 5. The list includes seven Detroit Tigers: Joaquin Benoit, Jeremy Bonderman, Octavio Dotel, Omar Infante, Brayan Pena, Jhonny Peralta and Ramon Santiago.

The only two players expected to be on the Tigers' radar once free agency arrives is Benoit and Infante. Neither player is expected to be cheap to re-sign.

Benoit was the Tigers' best relief pitcher in 2013. He took over as the team's closer in June, finishing the season with 24 saves and a 2.01 ERA. Being he's coming off a three-year, $16.5 million deal, Benoit won't be looking to take a pay cut, even at 36 years of age.

Coming off a .318/.345/.450 season with 10 home runs, 51 RBIs, and a career high .795 OPS, Infante is expected to be targeted by several second base needy teams during free agency. His last contract was for two years and $8 million. Considering he's the best second baseman available not named Robinson Cano, Infante's next deal will be worth far more.  The Tigers will have to give the 32-year-old Infante a one-year qualifying offer of $14.1 million or risk receiving nothing in return if he signs elsewhere.

As for the other five Tigers' free agents-to-be, they are bound to be looking for greener pastures.

Bonderman's comeback was a nice story, but he was a bullpen afterthought by the end of the season, and left off the post season roster. He's unlikely to return. At 40 years old and missing almost all of 2013 with elbow issues, odds are Dotel's career is over. After spending 2013 as the Tigers' backup catcher, Pena announced the team had informed him they have no plans to re-sign him.  The Tigers have acquired Jose Iglesias as their long-term shortstop, so the older and more expensive Peralta is expected to sign elsewhere. Santiago is the longest tenured Tiger at eight seasons. But the team has cheaper and younger in-house utility infielder options in Hernan Perez and Danny Worth, making it safe to assume Santiago's Detroit career has come to an end.

As released by the MLBPA, the complete list of 147 players eligible for free agency in 2013 is below:

1 Ayala, Luis AT

2 Downs, Scott AT

3 Garcia, Freddy AT

4 Hudson, Tim AT

5 Loe, Kameron AT

6 Maholm, Paul AT

7 McCann, Brian AT

8 O'Flaherty, Eric AT

9 Bloomquist, Willie AZ

10 Chavez, Eric C. AZ

11 Nieves, Wil AZ

12 Feldman, Scott BA

13 Hammel, Jason BA

14 McLouth, Nate BA

15 Morse, Michael BA

16 Roberts, Brian BA

17 Rodriguez, Francisco BA

18 Snyder, Chris BA

19 Drew, Stephen BO

20 Ellsbury, Jacoby BO

21 Hanrahan, Joel BO

22 McDonald, John BO

23 Napoli, Mike BO

24 Saltalamacchia, Jarrod BO

25 Baker, Scott CC

26 Gregg, Kevin CC

27 Guerrier, Matt CC

28 Navarro, Dioner CC

29 Arroyo, Bronson CI

30 Choo, Shin-soo CI

31 Duke, Zach CI

32 Izturis, Cesar CI

33 Masset, Nick CI

34 Parra, Manny CI

35 Albers, Matt CL

36 Giambi, Jason CL

37 Hill, Rich CL

38 Kazmir, Scott CL

39 Smith, Joe CL

40 Shoppach, Kelly CL

41 Betancourt, Rafael CO

42 Francis, Jeff CO

43 Helton, Todd L. CO

44 Oswalt, Roy CO

45 Torrealba, Yorvit CO

46 Floyd, Gavin CWS

47 Konerko, Paul CWS

48 Benoit, Joaquin DE

49 Bonderman, Jeremy DE

50 Dotel, Octavio E. DE

51 Infante, Omar DE

52 Pena, Brayan DE

53 Peralta, Jhonny DE

54 Santiago, Ramon DE

55 Bedard, Erik HO

56 Chen, Bruce KC

57 Pena, Carlos KC

58 Santana, Ervin KC

59 Tejada, Miguel O. KC

60 Vargas, Jason LAA

61 Hairston Jr, Jerry LAD

62 Howell, J.P. LAD

63 Marmol, Carlos LAD

64 Nolasco, Ricky LAD

65 Punto, Nick LAD

66 Schumaker, Skip LAD

67 Uribe, Juan LAD

68 Volquez, Edinson LAD

69 Wilson, Brian LAD

70 Young, Mike B. LAD

71 Diaz, Matt MIA

72 Kearns, Austin MIA

73 Pierre, Juan MIA

74 Polanco, Placido MIA

75 Qualls, Chad MIA

76 Betancourt, Yuniesky MIL

77 Gonzalez, Mike MIL

78 Hart, Corey MIL

79 Pelfrey, Mike MN

80 Aardsma, David NYM

81 Byrdak, Tim NYM

82 Francisco, Frank NYM

83 Harang, Aaron NYM

84 Hawkins, LaTroy NYM

85 Matsuzaka, Daisuke NYM

86 Cano, Robinson NYY

87 Chamberlain, Joba NYY

88 Feliciano, Pedro NYY

89 Granderson, Curtis NYY

90 Hafner, Travis NYY

91 Hughes, Philip NYY

92 Kuroda, Hiroki NYY

93 Logan, Boone NYY

94 Overbay, Lyle NYY

95 Pettitte, Andy NYY

96 Reynolds, Mark NYY

97 Rivera, Mariano NYY

98 Ryan, Brendan NYY

99 Youkilis, Kevin NYY

100 Balfour, Grant OA

101 Colon, Bartolo OA

102 Halladay III, Roy PH

103 Ruiz, Carlos PH

104 Barmes, Clint PI

105 Buck, John PI

106 Burnett, A.J. PI

107 Byrd, Marlon PI

108 Farnsworth, Kyle PI

109 Karstens, Jeff PI

110 Morneau, Justin PI

111 Cedeno, Ronny SD

112 Kotsay, Mark S. SD

113 Marquis, Jason SD

114 Chavez, Endy SE

115 Ibanez, Raul J. SE

116 Morales, Kendrys SE

117 Perez, Oliver SE

118 Quintero, Humberto SE

119 Gaudin, Chad SF

120 Lopez, Javier SF

121 Beltran, Carlos SL

122 Carpenter, Chris SL

123 Furcal, Rafael SL

124 Mujica, Edward SL

125 Crain, Jesse TB

126 Hernandez, Roberto TB

127 Johnson, Kelly TB

128 Loney, James TB

129 Molina, Jose TB

130 Rodney, Fernando TB

131 Scott, Luke TB

132 Wright, Jamey TB

133 Young, Delmon TB

134 Berkman, Lance TE

135 Cruz, Nelson R. TE

136 Frasor, Jason TE

137 Garza, Matt TE

138 Lewis, Colby TE

139 Murphy, David TE

140 Pierzynski, A.J. TE

141 Soto, Geovany TE

142 Davis, Rajai TO

143 Johnson, Josh TO

144 Oliver, Darren TO

145 Ortiz, Ramon TO

146 Haren, Danny WA

147 Tracy, Chad WA

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