Bless You Boys Podcast 89: There's no such thing as momentum

Marc Serota

On BYB Podcast 89, Kurt, Al and HookSlide look back at the past week of Tigers baseball, preview the ALDS, deny the existence of momentum, call Drew Sharp an idiot, have fun times with lawsuits and HookSlide does his Bill Simonson imitation.

Bless You Boys Podcast 89 has a running time of 1:09 and features Al Beaton, HookSlide and of course, Kurt Mensching.

Download the MP3, or listen via the streaming version below.

Note from Al: I'm contemplating moving the BYB Podcast to a new host, and experimenting with Blog Talk Radio. You can check out the BYB Podcast as both an on-demand stream and a downloadable MP3 from this page.

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  • Tigers are swept in Miami.
  • Tigers are no-hit in Miami.
  • Should we care about what happened in Miami?
  • Momentum is a myth.
  • The ALDS roster is set, any surprises?
  • Drew Sharp of the Freep says the Tigers would have kept Jhonny Peralta off the roster, then goes into PED hysterics.
  • Do the Tigers' playoff chances hinge on the health of Miguel Cabrera?
  • We predict the ALDS winner. It's all about the Tigers' rotation.
  • Lawsuits are everywhere. Alex Rodriguez gets litigious with Bud Selig and MLB, Albert Pujols looks to take down Jack Clark.
  • Dusty Baker is fired, starting the managerial silly season early.
  • The Wall Street Journal ranks the Tigers third in the playoff hateability index, whatever the Hell that is.
  • HookSlide misses local announcers during MLB's playoffs.
  • Kurt hates the "Downtrodden Detroit" trope.
  • Al wonders how the Tigers even won 50 games going by the fan base doom and gloom over the past week.
  • To ditch the gllom and doom, HookSlide recommends you read this piece by ESPN's Jayson Stark.

HookSlide's Detroit Tigers audio clips archive at and Facebook page.

Kurt's Detroit News columns can be found by clicking here.

For more MLB news, check out SBNation's MLB page. For the latest rumors, head to SBNation's MLB Daily Dish.

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