Detroit Tigers Links: The Tigers offensive struggles & Jim Leyland's management style

Ezra Shaw

The Tigers offensive struggles, the good Jim Leyland versus the bad Jim Leyland, and the silver lining of Justin Verlander. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Tigers' bats need to wake up before it's too late
Detroit Free Press, Drew Sharp:

The Tigers-Athletics series is now tied because Detroit's offense keeps snoozing like a bear believing that it's Christmas.

Tigers still have edge in series, though lineup shuffling might be in order
The Detroit News, Tony Paul

The Tigers still have the advantage in this series, as they now, essentially, have home-field advantage.

What does the Detroit Tigers offense need? Easy ... Home Run Baker
Detroit Free Press, John Lowe

In Game 3 on Monday afternoon, while most of Michigan is at work, the Detroit Tigers don't need the butcher or the candlestick-maker. They need Home Run Baker.

Both "Good Leyland" and "Bad Leyland" on Display in the ALDS

Like many fans of the Tigers, I have a love/hate relationship with manager Jim Leyland.

The silver lining of Justin Verlander, ace of aces
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee

Sonny Gray will get the press, and the A's won the game, but don't forget about just how good Justin Verlander was on Saturday night.

Tigers-A's Playoff Rivalry Began With a Bat Toss
Where Have You Gone, Johnny Grubb?, Greg Eno

The eyes are wild, the face tight and taut. He is caught in pre-fling, rage washed over his mug.

Detroit Tigers Offensive Struggles
Motor City Bengals, Tom Zahari

The Detroit Tigers have not scored a run in 17 innings since scoring 3 runs in the 1st inning of Game 1 against the Oakland A’s.

Tigers Have One more Ace Up Their Sleeve
Tiger Tales, Lee Panas

In game one of the American League Divisional Series, Tigers designated ace Max Scherzer showed the nation why he will probably win the Cy Young Award this year.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Pedro power: Alvarez delivers for Bucs
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

Before the postseason, Pedro Alvarez looked like the key guy for the Pittsburgh Pirates, as much as one player can be the key guy (this isn't basketball, after all).

Fire Joe Maddon!
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer

No, not really. Maddon's one of the best! But maybe somebody could gently suggest to him that Delmon Young isn't his best bet against a tough right-handed pitcher?

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