Detroit Tigers Links: Detroit faces elimination tonight & the emergence of Sonny Gray

Leon Halip

The Detroit Tigers face elimination tonight in game four, Jhonny Peralta shows his confidence, and the emergence of Sonny Gray. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Jhonny Peralta shows Tigers' confidence in his bat is well-founded
The Detroit News, Rod Beard

Jim Leyland's strategy worked, as Peralta produced a two-run single in a three-run fourth inning that made it 3-3 and ignited the sellout crowd of 43,973.

Column: If Detroit Tigers want to lift lethargic region, try winning in October, David Mayo

Man these articles are super annoying and unoriginal. The Tigers winning the World Series isn't going to miraculously make the city no longer bankrupt.

Four Short Scenes from Comerica Park

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Detroit Tigers' Victor Martinez says he won't let Grant Balfour intimidate him (with video|
Detroit Free Press, George Sipple

'I just fouled a pitch off,' Victor Martinez said. 'This guy look at me and I was looked at him. He told me 'What the (expletive) I'm looking at?' Really? I mean, (expletive) him. I don't take that (expletive). Not even the greatest closer in the game, Mariano Rivera, tell you stuff like that.'

Detroit Tigers, facing elimination, must relax — and hit!
Detroit Free Press, Jeff Seidel

The most exciting thing about this day, from the Tigers' perspective, was a little shouting match between Victor Martinez and A's pitcher Grant Balfour. The benches cleared, but there were no punches thrown. It was all bark and no bite. Just like the Tigers' offense.

Leyland's slow hook burns Tigers in Game 3
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

Sure enough, in the first game after our segment, Jim Leyland's slow hook on Anibal Sanchez haunted the Tigers in Oakland's 6-3 victory.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Who's That Guy? Oakland Pitcher Sonny Gray!
The Triangle Blog, Michael Baumann

You forgot the factoid about how he's never heard of Bert Blyleven. That does not compute in my head.

The Truth about C.B. Bucknor
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer

Saturday night in Oakland, C.B. Bucknor took a lot of heat from just about everyone for a couple of questionable strike-three calls. Here's what really happened in Game 3.

Evan Longoria hits a three-run homer to tie ALDS Game 3 — on his birthday
Big League Stew, Mike Oz

Not much had been going right for the Tampa Bay Rays in Monday's win-or-be-eliminated ALDS Game 3 before Evan Longoria came up to bat in the fifth inning.

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