2014 Tigers projected to be 53 pounds lighter

Melvin Mercedes is large. - US PRESSWIRE

Tigers decide to lighten up a little.

Already we've seen major roster changes for the Tigers this off-season. You can find plenty of analysis on this very website about whether the moves are good or bad, but there is one thing that is without question. The Tigers will be less heavy in the 2014.

Let's compare the 2013 opening day roster with a projected 2014 roster. For simplicity we will use listed weights even though they are complete works of fiction.

Note there are a couple of pitching spots available. I've simply inserted the league average weight (196 lbs) for these two spots.

2014 (Projected)
Pitchers Weight
Pitchers Weight Net gain (loss)
Al Alburquerque 195
Al Alburquerque 195 0
Joaquin Benoit 220
Joe Nathan 230 10
Phil Coke 210
Phil Coke 210 0
Octavio Dotel 230
Bruce Rondon 275 45
Darin Downs 210
Luke Putkonen 215 5
Doug Fister 210
RP 1 196 -14
Brayan Villarreal 170
RP 2 196 26
Rick Porcello 200
Rick Porcello 200 0
Anibal Sanchez 205
Anibal Sanchez 205 0
Max Scherzer 220
Max Scherzer 220 0
Drew Smyly 190
Drew Smyly 190 0
Justin Verlander 225
Justin Verlander 225 0
Pitcher subtotal 2485

2557 72
Catchers Weight
Catchers Weight
Alex Avila 210
Alex Avila 210 0
Brayan Pena 230
Bryan Holaday 205 -25
Infielders Weight
Infielders Weight
Miguel Cabrera 240
Nick Castellanos 210 -30
Prince Fielder 275
Miguel Cabrera 240 -35
Omar Infante 195
Ian Kinsler 195 0
Don Kelly 190
Don Kelly 190 0
Jhonny Peralta 215
Jose Iglesias 185 -30
Ramon Santiago 175
Steve Lombardozzi 200 25
Outfielders Weight
Outfielders Weight
Matt Tuiasosopo 225
Rajai Davis 195 -30
Andy Dirks 195
Andy Dirks 195 0
Torii Hunter 225
Torii Hunter 225 0
Austin Jackson 185
Austin Jackson 185 0
Other Positions Weight
Other Positions Weight
Victor Martinez 210
Victor Martinez 210 0
Hitter subtotal 2770

2645 -125
Grand totals 5255

5202 -53

A couple of things stand out. We are actually adding some girth to the pitching staff. Of course Bruce Rondon makes up the bulk of that. Imagine adding Melvin Mercedes to the group! The hurlers project to add about 72 pounds this year. This amount is more than offset by the hitters who are projected to drop a whopping 125 lbs. What does this all mean? I expect the number of fat jokes to decrease by approximately 34%.

Somewhere Lynn Henning is smiling.

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