The BYB Guide To Player Nicknames- Position Players

The past few weeks have seen some personnel change. Dombrowski's been wheelin' and dealin' like a department store on Black Friday. 90% of BYBers have spent some time during this offseason at the computer, banging their keyboard against their faces in frustration. (Note- I now have the ability to type "DD WHY U TRADE FISTER 4 MAGIC BEANZ" with my forehead. Great at cocktail parties.)

The other important thing to remember is that we have new players to learn. As we know more about them, we gain more knowledge of how we should refer to them. For now, however, we must go by what we know to nickname the roster.

(Another note- taking the first letter of the first name and a shortened last name is not a cool nickname. Sorry, lovers of A-Jax, it's just not that good.)

Miguel Cabrera- Big Mig, Miggy, How the Miguhell Did He Just Do That?

The last one makes me chuckle. Miggy's what you're going to hear in these parts. He does have a lot of nicknames out there, and all are acceptable except "Cabby."

Ian Kinsler- Klutch Kinsler, Rod's Seein' Ian

I kinda like the second one, I won't lie. Hopefully better nicknames for Kinsler appear as he makes some memories in the Old English D.

Jose Iglesias- Candelito, Iggy, No Way Jose!

Candelito means "little fire" in Spanish, a perfect way to describe the talented shortstop. Rod Allen is going to make No Way Jose a thing this year, you just watch.

Nick Castellanos- Next Mike Trout, NC Hammer

The fanbase is piling expectations on the rookie third baseman (is he a third baseman? Outfielder? DH?). Hopefully, they don't go too hard on him when he suffers his first rookie slump.

Torii Hunter- Torii the Tiger, Grandpa

It's weird that such a key player played a full year without garnering a nickname. Get on that, BYB.

Austin Jackson- Cleaner, OH JACKSON, AJ

On my authority, OH JACKSON is the only acceptable way to praise him around here anymore. Mega thumbs down to K-Jax.

Andy Dirks- Cliche Neck Joke, Just a Ballplayer

Just a Ballplayer should be a thing. If we were to take a vote on which nickname is the best, I think that one would win... by a neck. Hohohoho...

Rajai Davis- Quintin Berry if Quintin Berry had the ability to hit the ball, or was right-handed,

Now taking nickname ideas for Rajai Davis!

Alex Avila- Savior, Titanium Catcher

Avila's been through a lot since his heroic debut back in '09. It's incredible that he's still a living thing.

Victor Martinez- VMart, Boomstick, Pitbull

VMart is the only acceptable first-letter, last-name nickname. It's kind of grandfathered in. Plus, he hits the ball well and enjoys Pitbull as his walk-up music.

Steve Lombardozzi- Lombo, Italian Don Kelly, DFA Fodder

Unfortunately, we're probably going to see Italian Don Kelly a lot on this site for the next few years. Not that IDK isn't a great nickname. That just means he'll be around a few years.

Bryan Holaday- Brayan Holaday

R.I.P, Brayan Pena.

Don Kelly- DK, #DonnieDeeds, Donnie Ballgame, Donnie Baseball, Donnie Kelly Baby, Leyland's Son, Bane of Rogo's Existence, Heart and Hustle Award Winning Player


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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