Potential Players Tigers Might (Not) Pursue (As well as 2 CRAZY trade proposals!)

For a general view on the offseason, please see my regular Fanpost. This is going to be about some players that are on the market allegedly that make sense for the Tigers if we had an unlimited amount of money and prospects. Think of it like a fantasy scenario. Some of these are much more realistic than others, and all of these players are either Free Agents or have been credibly rumored to be traded by either MLBTR, Rosenthal, Heyman, or Bleacher Report and or have been mentioned in an article for BYB.

Jose Bautista:

Not only does he play Outfield, but he also plays 3rd. He could also play DH as well. On.y problems: Money and Righty Power. And we have not nearly a good enough farm. It would be nice to have another power bat, but it's more of a dream than anything else.

Matt Kemp/Andre Ethier (But Not Puig!)

All are fairly productive, but all have either greediness, or injury history problems. Possible, not likely though, especially after DD denied rumors.

Shin-Soo Choo:

Lefty with a High OBP, decent power, decent speed, and fielding better than Delmon Young. Might not be that good vs Righties according to some, but my numbers (.688 OBP) say he will do just fine.

Matt Wieters:

Switch Hitting Catcher, but more of a fantasy kind of deal. Led Catchers in AL with 22 Homers (Camden Though) and has rated consistently high in Defensive ratings recently. Most likely he stays, so this is highly unlikely. The Orioles need pitching, maybe he could be part of a larger package deal for either Porcello or Scherzer.

Chase Headley: This is if for whatever reason the Tigers don't think Castellanos can play 3B. I think he still does, making this trade a little difficult especially considering what the price tag might be for him, but it surely is possible.

Shelby Miller:

A good young relief pitcher/starter who could come up and replace Porcello if he leaves in FA, he would be a great addition to the Pen/rotation if we can give up enough to get him. Once again, lack of farm system hurts chances. He will pretty much stay most likely anyways, but who knows.

Rajai Davis:

Defensive player, with some decent speed. He's the kind of player that almost perfectly fits Ausmus's new system he is trying to put in place here in Detroit, as well as the fact that he won't come for very much money. Keep in mind Dave D didn't totally rule out an OF just an expensive one like Choo, etc.

Yoennis Cespedes:

TRGoodman (user on this site) commented that they saw him as a possible trade candidate to the Diamondbacks on MLB Trade Rumors. I looked and found this article: written on December 4th, so less than a week ago. This is an interesting possibility, and as noted it would take a monster return, but this is a fantasy post!

Somebody in the Yankees Outfield (Ichiro, Soriano, Gardner):

This would depend on who they want to keep, but I don't think they can have 5 starting outfielders on the roster. Somebody like this would like previous players above be a good platoon bat to go along with Dirks in Left Field, and if it's Gardner play the opposite side of Dirks in '15.

Now time for one of the CRAZY trade proposals you guys might have chosen my article specifically for. This relates directly to the above option-someone in the Yankees outfield. I'll get right to it:

Tigers Get: Ichiro, Almonte, Romine, De Paula and Banuelos
Yankees Get: Max Scherzer, and if the Yankees require it I would gladly give up Dirks in this as well.
Yup, that's why this is a crazy trade proposal. First of all, Ichiro would solve our immediate outfield issue while Almonte and Daniel Fields would be a great tandem in the future with Austin Jackson. Austin Romine is an MLB ready Right Handed hitting catcher who would be a good tandem partner with Alex Avila, De Paula is one of the Yankees better Pitching Prospects, and Banuelos is also a decent pitching prospect and is a lefty.

The other trade proposal is somewhat similar to the first one, so if you didn't like the first one than you might want to skip this one also. This one is:

Tigers Get: Matt Kemp, Julio Arias, and another 6-rated Pitcher.
Dodgers Get: Scherzer
Yes, this deal we wouldn't get a catcher from, but in this case we get 2 top pitchers including a lefty in Arias, and a former MVP caliber Outfielder who the Dodgers have no use for.
The Dodgers may not have as much of a need for Max now as they did before signing Haren, but I still think that the Dodgers would make sense for Scherzer because he would in my opinion be better than Greinke, Ryu, Billingsley and Haren. Also, LA would probably have enough money to resign him, even if they give us a little bit toward the Ethier contract.

Tigers: Wieters, Gausman, Urrutia

Orioles: Scherzer, Perez

This is a trade that on first glance may make little sense for a Tigers fan, however, if you know anything about Gausman or Urrutia this is a somewhat fair deal. You really can't get perfect value for Scherzer with one year left on his contract, but this would be almost as close to it as possible. For a Wieters short profile look above. Urrutia is a Left handed DH, and Gausman is the Orioles top prospect, a talented right hander.

The Orioles could really use somebody of Scherzers caliber in their rotation. The only problem I have with this that might keep it from not working is that Scherzer won't resign with them. If not, try to work out something somewhat similar with Porcello. (Maybe get one pitcher instead of 2, maybe straight up for Wieters, maybe add McCann for both, etc.)

If the Tigers decide that they can't or won't make an effort to resign Scherzer, those would be the types of offers I would be looking for. Overall, I don't believe we do trade Scherzer, but if we were to since this is a fantasy post, it might still be possible. If it means the Tigers improving Catcher, Left Field, and getting more pitching prospects, I would surely take a good long hard look at it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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