Time to pay the Pizza Man: Tigers increase ticket prices, $5 seats eliminated

Doug Pensinger

Comerica Park Skyline and bleacher seating, the lower end of the Tigers' pricing spectrum, take the brunt of the ticket price increase.

Luke 12:48: "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

This is Luke 12:48 in baseball terms: The Tigers' fan base have been given a high payroll World Series contender. What is now is required is the fan base to pay more for the privilege.

The Tigers released single game ticket prices Monday. Tickets will go on sale March 2nd at 10 AM. When you reach for your wallet, expect to shell out an average of $5 more per ticket.

The lowest priced seats at Comerica Park (Skyline, better known at upper deck nose-bleeds) took the biggest hit. Skyline seat prices rose from $5 to $12. The same seats may also be priced differently from game to game, depending where it falls on the schedule, known as tiered ticket pricing. The Tigers had two tiers of pricing previously, but have added a "Value" tier for 2013.

The tiers are broken down as follows:

Value: Games scheduled when kids are in school, months the Tigers traditionally draw fewer fans. "Value" covers most of April (excludes opening weekend versus the New York Yankees), May and and September.

Regular: Sunday and weekday games in June, July and August, the Tigers' highest attended months.

Premium: Opening day, in-demand Friday and Saturday games.

For example, Skyline value games are $12, regular games are $15 and premium are $20.

Bleacher seats also shoulder much of the increase. They now cost $23 for premium games, $18 for regular and value games, up from $17 and $15 in 2012.

Apparently $5 pizzas aren't enough to cover a steadily rising payroll, which should end up north of $150 million when all is said and done. Considering the alternative (the Tigers from the mid-90's to 2003), I can live with it.

Pricing for Tigers single game tickets is broken down below:

Lower level tickets - Premium / Regular / Value:

On-deck circle:
$90, $85, $77

Tiger Den: $85, $80, $72

Infield box: $65, $60, $52

Terrace: $58, $53, $45

Outfield box: $52, $47, $39

Lower baseline box: $43, $38, $30

RF grandstand: $36, $31, $23

Pavilion: $26, $21, $19

Bleachers: $23, $18, $18

Kaline's Corner: $23, $18, $18

Upper level tickets - Premium / Regular / Value:

Club: $41 premium, $36 regular, $33 value

Upper box Infield: $35, $30, $26

Upper box RF: $35, $30, $26

Upper Box LF: $35, $30, $25

Upper baseline box: $30, $25, $21

Mezzanine: $25, $20, $18

Upper reserved: $24, $19, $16

Skyline: $20, $15, $12

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