Even more baskets!

Mike Coppola

Tonight the Tigers' players wives and girlfriends are auctioning off baskets of "favorite things" for charity. How come more people weren't invited to participate?

Tonight is one of my favorite events of they year, Basket Night! Each year the player's wives and girlfriends put a bunch of stuff that the players like in a basket and they auction it off for charity. I do not like it because of the money raised (although, that is nice) and I certainly do not like it for the insessant reminders during the telecast, I love Basket Night because it is such fun to make fun of. Everyone mocks the choices in comments sections and on Twitter all 'round the internet. Last year I projected what was in certain players baskets.

It is such fun I wonder why more people weren't asked. They have a Pitchers Package, Position Players Package, a Broadcasters Package, and even a PAWS Basket but why stop there? @Baroque97 has suggested we go a bit further.

Media Package

Jason Beck

  • 6 hour subscription to MLB.tv
  • Old pair of running shoes
  • 2012-2013 Xavier Basketball highlight video (running time, 12 minutes)

Chris Iott

  • Albums several of under-appreciated bands
  • Friends DVD box set
  • Ambient Weather WM-4 - Handheld Weather Station w/ Windspeed, Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Dew Point, Comfort Index, Psychrometer 41whzsecndl

    via ecx.images-amazon.com

Lynn Henning

  • A thesaurus
  • Certificate for one night stay at an Antebellum Bed and Breakfast in South Carolina
  • A 500-page college ruled spiral bound notebook containing his thoughts on Tiger Woods' mental make-up.
  • Chamomile tea
  • Bottle of Ensure

Twitterer Package


  • Economy size bottle of conditioner
  • A Manchester City F.C knitted hat (size XXL)
  • An autographed #AustinJacksonStrikesOut poster


  • A kitten
  • A copy of MLB The Show
  • Several extra twitter accounts
  • A $5 big box home improvement store gift card
  • A used DVD copy of Cloud Atlas
  • A $5 gift card for Emagine theaters
  • A Buddy’s pizza
  • A 3 pack of Bell’s Hopslam.
  • drugs

BlessYouBoys Package

Kurt Mensching

  • A German Shepherd-a-day desk calendar
  • The 9-page Things to do in Michigan's Upper Peninsula guide book
  • A 50-pound box of old editions of The Mining Journal

Al Beaton

  • A blue-ray copy of Iron Man
  • A 1992 Pro Set #171 Wayne Fontes trading card


via ecx.images-amazon.com

Rob Rogacki

  • A one-month subscription to TigerGIFsPlatinum

Patrick O'Kennedy

  • An autographed copy of the MLB collective bargaining agreement.

Stadium Personalities Package

Rapping Drumming Guy

  • A CD of Rapping Drumming Guy's hit song Look At Yo' Girl, You Got Good LUCK! I Bet You Go Home And Go... Find Something To Eat

Fake Phiten Necklace Seller Guy

  • One fake Phiten necklace, JUST LIKE THE PLAYERS WEAR!

Charley the Singing Hot Dog man

  • Some leftover mustard packets
  • a pink slip

Prospects Package

Ben Verlander

  • Framed Eli Manning poster
  • A "Chicks Dig the Long Ball" t-shirt
  • An autographed pair of "Virgina is for Lovers" underpants
  • Gently used Tigers logo t-shirts (6), shorts (5), jackets (2), duffle bag (2), headbands (10), wrist bands (5), pen set (2), plus a cardboard box filled with other assorted items emblazoned with the olde english D.

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