An Angry Letter to the BWAA

Dear Baseball Writers Association of America,

If I have to hear about how getting into the hall of fame is a ‘privilege,’ again, I will start throwing things, and don’t be surprised if, by accident, something comes crashing through your office window. Gag me. Getting into Cooperstown is not a privilege for a player. Players have made thousands to millions playing this great game. As far as I’m concerned, they’ll be immortalized as long as the Internet is up, and I can access Baseball Those players whom you are making ‘a statement’ about are not nearly affected as you people want to think. So drop this foolish notion.

Do you want to know what is truly a privilege? Being able to vote to elect members of the Hall of Fame. This is the true privilege that has been lost through your collectively dense heads. While Baseball players aren’t going to shrivel up and disappear into thin air right before our eyes if they do not ever get a plaque in the museum (though I have to admit, that it might be pretty cool if it happened), being able to elect members of a museum enshrining the greatest players as part of capturing the history of the game is a great sign of respect shown to the best players that made this sport so great (and, coincidently, gave you people jobs to cover them in the first place).

So drop this absurd and ridiculous notion that you have power and can carry out agendas when you vote. In my opinion, you should be locked up in a pillory, placed in front of Cooperstown, and have a bunch of true baseball fans laugh and throw rotten fruit at you for making such a mockery of Baseball itself. The Baseball Hall of Fame is an historical museum. It is not a cathedral of saints. Stop disrespecting the history of the game. When you’ve elected gluttons, gamblers, drunks, and racists into the hall, all I can do is laugh when you decide that players who took steroids (of which, we will never know the true extent of the effects they had on players). Randomly deciding that a certain sin committed by some of the greatest players in the history of the game boggles my mind.

But you know what’s sad? It’s when Craig Biggio comes up two votes shy when one of your ‘voters’ decided that the only persons he would vote for is Jack Morris while others simply won’t vote for anyone who played baseball in the 1990’s. It’s when one of the greatest Shortstops in the game, Allen Trammel, whose numbers are better than other notable members of the hall, can’t even get close to the 75% threshold, even in a year where you sat on your behinds and elected no one to the hall of fame (we’re still greatly upset at such absurdity). It’s when Barry Bonds, truly one of the greatest players who officially holds the record for most home runs hit in a season, can’t sniff 75% because you hold a grudge against him for his attitude towards you and he took steroids.

So in short, Baseball Writers Association of America, I’m calling everyone one of your members who pull this crap a bunch of baseball illiterates who don’t deserve the ability to write about this great game. They have been given this great privilege to write the official history book of the game of baseball and show respect by acknowledging these feats players have accomplished. Instead, you decided that you were going to assume the role of judge and jury and carry out your own agendas, shutting players out and showing utter disrespect to them by either forgetting they didn’t exist or acting as the holy warriors guarding the gates of heaven, preventing anyone who committed a crime you don’t like from getting into the game.

Baseball Writers Association of America, you’re a bunch of jokes. You have disrespected the game an egregious amount of times. You continue to make a mockery of its history with these absurd stances you erroneously believe you can take. You don’t deserve the honor of voting players into Cooperstown.


Jonathan Selden

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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