Detroit Tigers Links: The best of TigerFest

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

It's my first post in a long while and I welcome you back with the corniest headline of all time. But I take full responsibility and credit for it. Don't worry, there will be more where that came from. (*wink wink*) So basically, this is a roundup of links about TigerFest. And since we're just getting back into the links posts business, I'm looking to change up the format a bit. Any and all suggestions are welcome ... including things you did or didn't like from the past couple years of links posts. But in the meantime, enjoy.

TigerFest links:

Fans flock TigerFest, have high hopes for Brad Ausmus as Detroit Tigers manager
Detroit Free Press, Mike Brudenell

I also had high hopes for Victor Martinez's fashion sense, and he seems to have failed me. I hope that this is not a foreshadow for the season.

Justin Verlander's health a hot topic at TigerFest
Motor City Bengals, Matt Pelc

If he can spend the day with a bunch of pirates in South Florida, then my guess is he'll be just fine come Opening Day.

Dombrowski on another big move: "I’d be surprised"
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

Oh OK, Dave. Like you've ever given us good reason to believe that line.

Fans brave snow, cold for a glimpse of new-look team at TigerFest
The Detroit News, Lauren Abdel-Razzaq

Well, I take back everything I said about Victor's fashion sense after seeing the main photo in this article. He's the best.

Detroit Tigers' Brad Ausmus: 'For the most part, you want to play for the big inning', Chris Iott

Brad Ausmus doesn't like "small ball." Well I'll be ...

TigerFest Tweets:

Miggy was out accepting an MVP Trophy and looking ever-so-dapper in his tuxedo. All is forgiven.

And as Justin Verlander so aptly put it: "Alex's beard is on point."

Aaaaaand, Torii Hunter paraphrasing (revising?) an OutKast lyric, so he's basically my favorite. As if he wasn't already.

I don't even know where to start with how awesome this photo is. Well done to all parties involved.

Make sure to visit this link. It takes you to a great album of photos from the Winter Caravan and TigerFest.

Well that's basically adorable.

Also adorable.

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