Best starting pitcher rotation for 2014 Tigers

This has nothing to do with early season, using four starters. It has all to do with the key five man rotation used for the balance of the year.

I say;

1) JV or Max

2) Smyly

3) Max or JV

4) Sanchez

5) Porcello

Reasons: the perfect rotation would have JV and Max not pitching back to back. To give a team a very similar style and power on back to back nights is too risky. Putting a lefthander between them is perfect. Now I know that 1 & 2 can sometimes pitch against different teams, but more often than not they will face the same team. You also don't want two potential streak stoppers back to back.

I guess this might be one area where some of the weird stats that are being thrown around might shed light to support or contradict my point. But so many of the facts coming out today are really useless and they result from people not being able to support their position with pure logic. Does anyone really care if Pitcher X sets a record for the fastest pitch ever thrown by a left handed reliever, under five foot ten and a half inches tall, from a stretch position, with an 0-2 count with two outs and runners on first and second?

History of my decision. Back when the Tigers acquired Doyle Alexander for the pennant push, they also had a pitcher named Frank Tanana. Doyle came into town and immediately fell into the rotation behind Jack Morris. A perfect spot for his junk after Jack's power. Tanana moved back one spot and followed Doyle. And even though he was left handed, as opposed to Doyle throwing righty, it was a case of junk following junk and Frank got his ears pounded and everyone asked what happened to Frank, he was going so good and totally lost it.

The Detroit Free Press published my analysis, but to late to save Frank. So the order you choose to use had better be carefully considered. Did JV struggle because he fell in behind Max. And, is this when Max began to rise to a new level.

Think about it. Tell me your rotation and why you like it better.

I have an open mind and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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