BYB Game Thread Dictionary, Phrasebook, and Memes for 2014

Now updated for 2014 season... and even updated again based on comments!

107 - 1. noun - the response to any question on the thread that demands a numerical answer

"90% of BYBers" - 1. noun - used to indicate some fail that just happened could have been accomplished by almost anyone ,e.g., "90% of BYBers make that play".

ABC - 1. noun short for the SB username "AlphaBakerCharlie" for example.

AJAX - 1. noun - Austin Jackson (also "Cleaner"; or "KJax" if he strikes out.)

Avila'd - 1. verb- a catcher getting repeatedly pummeled by a thrown or batted ball. 2. More loosely; anyone getting struck by a baseball.

Boeschian - 1. adjective - of, or relating to, any route taken by an outfielder to catch a fly ball in which the most direct route is eschewed and a more circuitous and adventurous route is taken in its stead.

banhammer - 1. noun. Used to keep BYB troll-free, usually preceded by the words "drop the."

bullpen - 1. noun. pyrotechnic team now available to schedule for your Fourth of July picnic

bunting 1. verb - making a deliberate out in order to advance a runner 2. noun an act of sheer evil

"BYB After Dark" - this phrase appears in the thread (with accompanying image) when the comments start getting shady.

clutch - 1. noun not clutch 2. noun clutch

CoPa'd - 1. verb short for "that would have been an HR in most ballparks".

Country Strong - 1. noun Marcus Thames - note: not allowed to be used in any other context.

DD - 1. noun - Dave Dumbrowski 2. noun To Marlins fans, the Doctor of Doom

deeds - 1. noun - some polite act of kindness done by Don Kelly in addition to his baseball play (there was a whole post about this topic)

"Didn't want it enough" 1. phrase is used to explain any failure (see also "TWTW")

dinger - 1. noun what happens when Miggy squares up a pitch

dingleberry - 1. noun - the act of turning a long hit into a base hit - usually through lack of speed (see also "Thames'd". e.g., "Vmart lines one off the wall but has to hold at first for a dingleberry".

"Does Ajax dive?" - rhetorical question when a negative response is needed, e.g., "Do pigs fly"?

Don Kelly - 1 . noun a position on the Tigers 25-man roster filled by Don Kelly, e.g., "..., Danny Worth, INF, Don Kelly,Don Kelly". 2. noun - a baseball player named Don Kelly

DOOM - 1. noun impending end of civilization; i.e., something bad happened to theTigers. Spelled with more "O"s for effect. When used in conjunction with "handshake of, ", the OOM are not capitalized. (There is actually a formula for the number of "O"s, but it is a secret)

Dumpster Fire- 1. noun see bullpen above.

Fatality - 1. noun a somewhat disturbing graph of a jack-o-lantern snowman thing. Usually posted about 200 milliseconds after the Vark.

FIAR LEELAND - this phrase means pretty much what you think it means.

Fin(n)ish him! - used to indicate there are 2 strikes and 2 outs in a pending Tiger victory.

fka Lamont - 1. noun this phrase is preceded by a name (e.g., Brookens) and is used to indicate that the signal given to a base runner was idiotic and/or identical to the signal that would have been given by Gene Lamont.

haiku - 1. noun - anything in the thread that looks remotely likely a 3 line poem

Heavy B - 1. noun Bruce Rondon

Handshake of Doom - 1. phrase used to speculate whether a dumpster fire is about to ensue.

hubris - 1. noun - a comment that requires the response "no hubris"

Ice Cream Man - 1. noun Anibal Sanchez

Iggy - 1. noun. Jose Iglesias

"I see no reason" - This phrase is used to indicate that what follows is completely unreasonable and is added for humorous effect.

"I see you ____" - This phrase adopted from Rod Allen to indicate a good play just occurred Or a bunt.

Jason Verlander - 1. noun - Justin's evil twin. Myth has it they would exchange places sometimes, especially in April during seasons gone by leading to disastrous pitching results. The real Justin would always take charge again by May.

Krol- 1. noun - a LHRP for the Tigers

Kroll - 1. noun - not a player for the Tigers; but apparently a person of some renown.

LOBster - 1. noun - runner left on base

malek - 1. noun the number eight, e.g, " The Tigers put up a malek of runs in the 6th inning"

Miami Marlins 1. noun - the Tigers AAAA affiliate

mid-season form: 1. noun What all BYBers expect at all times.

Miggy 1. noun Miguel Cabrera

"must win" - 1. adj - This phrase describes any game in which the Tigers are a contestant

narrative - 1. noun a story line for a game or season. Everything that happens must fit into it; often capitalized and preceded by the definite article, "The Narrative" 2. noun - any object of unlimited elasticity

Neck - 1. noun - Andy Dirks 2. verb - something done by Andy Dirks e.g., "He necked a single"

overflow 1. verb - to use up the capacity of the game thread esp. due to the loquaciousness of the commenters

overflow mojo 1. noun - the hope that somehow more comments will produce more runs

paper cut - 1. noun - cheap base hit esp. if it occurs against the Tigers

Porcello'd - 1. verb to remove a particular team or game from a player's stats 2. to give up more than a malek of runs in one inning via a series of paper cuts.

Puppies and ice cream - This phrase is used when the thread is getting a little "chippy"; someone then posts a graphic of puppies and ice cream and everyone feels better.

Pythag - 1. noun - computation that represents how many games the Tigers (or any team) SHOULD have scored based on "run differential" 2. verb - used as an exclamation when the Pythag vs. actual record is out of an alignment; e.g, "We got Pythag'd!"

Revolving door of cats 1. noun - graphic used to depict Robin Ventura's use of bullpen. Expect to see it a lot after Sep 1 callups

sss 1. noun small sample size; e.g., a one-ounce bottle of shampoo

Three True Outcomes - 1. noun Adam Dunn 2. HR, K, or BB

TOOTBLAN: 1. noun a silly error on the base paths leading to one or more outs. e.g, "Iglesias and Hunter got doubled up in a TOOTBLAN there". origin "Thrown Out On The Base paths Like A Nincompoop"; - Al Beaton recap 08/15/2013

TTBDNS - 1. verb - a LOBster inducing scenario

#Twins hit - 1. noun - see "Paper Cut" Note: 99% of BYBers omit the space in the spelling in order to create a double entendre involving a scatalogical reference for humorous effect. Space omitted here in order to preserve PG nature of this Fan Post.

TWTW - 1. noun antonym to "didn't want it enough". - Note: Should only be used in Tigers/White Sox games and only sarcastically (i.e., this is a Hawkism)

vark - 1. noun - an image of the "aardvark of victory" posted approximately 200 milliseconds after each Tiger victory

Vark-o! 1. noun game similar to Bingo based on comments during the BYB game thread.

VMart - 1. noun Victor Martinez

"We won (lost) the trade" - 1. can mean the writer means we "won/lost" the trade or sarcastically that we lost(won) the trade. Careful attention must be given to context.

"When the leaves turn brown.." phrase Rod Allen uses where Mario would just say "when the season is over". Sometimes used to force a rhyme, e.g., "When the leaves turn brown/ he will wear a batting crown".

Wizard 1. noun - always preceded by an adjective, typically a baseball term and applied only to Don Kelly; e.g., "DK comes in as Pinch-Running Wizard"

"X did not look great in their last start/appearance" 1. phrase refers to any pitcher with a WHIP above 0.00000 in their last time on the mound

zubris 1. noun a condition that has two basic symptoms: 1) striped pants 2) horrifically painful losing streaks.

Archived/archaic/obsolete terms:

2E - 1. noun - former Tiger Matt Tuiasospo (also "Tui", "Squiggles")

FOOD TRUCK - 1. noun Brayan Pena

H - 1. adj - a capital H inserted into a word causes the word to refer to Jhonny Peralta

Sneaky Power - 1. refers to a home run hit by the Razor

mini Miggy - 1. noun former Tiger Avisail Garcia

Puntopesky - 1. noun an opposing player without star quality who somehow annoys the daylights out of the Tigers. Prime example: Nick Punto Example: "Jamie Carroll can be downright Puntopesky sometimes".

Razor - 1. noun Ramon Santiago

Thames'd - 1. verb - turning a long hit into a base hit - usually through lack of speed. Note: This term is considered obsolete -see "dingleberry"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.

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