Beer of the Series 2.2 - Baltimore Orioles

I don't know about you, but I would rather have a foot of snow than an inch of rain. At least snow is fun to play in, looks nice, and covers stuff up in a pretty white blanket. Rain makes things sloppy, gross, and muddy. Plus, when it's cold and rainy, it's the worst possible feeling ever. I once played a Little League game in a cold rain and struck out, took a ball to the shin, got strep throat, and died of dysentery all in the fourth inning. I played soccer in the snow and just threw a snowball at the left back. Snow>rain.

Unfortunately, during the baseball season, the rain is more prevalent, and when you have to sit around in a stadium during a rain delay, you just hope it either ends quickly or gives us entertainment like Todd Jones pretending to hit a home run against the A's in a Magglio Ordonez wig. We've already lost one game to a rainout this year, and I hope that we don't lose a second today.

The only good thing about a rainout is the fact that the stadium still sells beer and hopefully doesn't run out. If you're watching from home, it also gives you the chance to run out and get some at the liquor store. For this series, go find yourself some Evil Urges Belgian Strong Ale from Shorts Brewing Company.



For a Belgian Strong Ale, this one ticks all the boxes. It has the deep opacity, heavy body, and high gravity you want in a beer to sit next to the fire. Hopefully this is one of the last series before October where a beer like this will be necessary, but this is a good one to end on. Hints of coffee and nutmeg with a little bit of a caramel sweetness and a deep brown frothy head help sway from the hoppy lattice formed at the end. The 8.4% ABV and 50 IBU figures will make sure you don't remember if you've had two or three, but you'll love the flavors that will balance with a slice of chocolate cake or big slab of red meat that barely touched the grill.

Shorts Brewing Company is located in a 130 year old hardware store in Bellaire, MI. Send me bottles, please????

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