Updated 40 man roster; options, service time, contract status

Mike Belfiore is the latest addition to the Tiger roster - Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

After all the trades and roster cuts this spring, here is a complete list of the Tigers' 40 man roster, complete with options remaining, service time and contract status for each player.

Since we last updated the player charts with the most recent information, the Tigers have made a few player acquisitions, some roster cuts, and pared the 40 man roster down to the 25 major league players, resulting in several more players being optioned to the minor leagues.

Major league baseball teams do not provide information about how many options a player has remaining, but I've gone through the transaction records and tallied up the options here. Salary data is provided by Cot's Contracts.

The changes:

Andrew Romine, Alex Gonzalez, and Mike Belfiore have been acquired in trades.

Steve Lombardozzi and Jose Alvarez have been traded away.

Miguel Cabrera has been extended with a new megadeal.

Danny Worth has cleared waivers and been outrighted to the minor leagues.

Luis Marte has been released

Tyler Collins has been called up and added to the roster

Casey Crosby, Hernan Perez, Jose Ortega, and Francisco Martinez have used their last options, provided that they will be in the minor leagues for at least 20 days this season.

Jose Iglesias and Bruce Rondon are on the 60 day disabled list, so they may be replaced on the 25 and 40 man rosters. Andy Dirks is on the 15 day disabled list (although he is expected to be out two months) and he can be replaced on the 25 man roster.

Players with five years' service time or out of options

Player Service Time 2014 Salary Free Agency Remaining contract
Miguel Cabrera 10.101 22 million 2024 10 yrs- $ 292 million plus 2 options
Justin Verlander 8.002 20 Million 2020 6 years plus option
Ian Kinsler 8.000 16 million 2018 4 yrs plus option
Torii Hunter 14.132 13 million 2015 Free Agent
Victor Martinez 10.114 12 million 2015 Free Agent
Alex Gonzalez 14.099 1.1 million 2015 Free Agent
Anibal Sanchez 7.099 15.8 million 2018 4 yrs plus option
Rajai Davis 6.167 5 million 2016 2 year contract
Joba Chamberlain 6.055 2.5 million 2015 Free Agent
Joe Nathan 12.120 9.0 million 2016 2 year contract
Max Scherzer 5.079 15.25 million 2015 Free Agent
Phil Coke 5.028 1.9 million 2015 Free Agent
Don Kelly 4.138 1 million 2016 Out of optionis
Andrew Romine 1.049 504 K 2019 Out of Options
Evan Reed 0.82 503 K 2020 Out of Options
Jose Iglesias 1.036 1.65 million 2019 Out of Options

Note: Service time is read thus- 8.002 is eight years plus two days service time.

Service time listed as of opening day, 2014.

Players with Options Remaining starting the 2014 season

Player Options Left On 40 Man Roster First Option Second Option Third Option


Arbitration 2014 2014 Salary
Rick Porcello 1 8/15/2008 3/12/08 6/20/10 --- 4.170 3rd of 4 8.5 M
Alex Avila 3 8/5/2009 ---
4.061 2nd year 4.15 M
Austin Jackson 3 11/2009 ---
4.000 2nd Year 6.0 M
Alburquerque 1 11/20/09 3/16/2010 5/16/2013
2.147 Super 2 $ 837,500
Dirks 3 11/20/09 --- ---
2.139 Super 2
1,625 M
Putkonen 1
5/25/12 3/26/13 1.018
$ 500 K
Smyly 2 4/13/12 7/29/12 ---
1.154 2015
$ 500 K +
Holaday 2 of 4
6/06/12 6/21/12 3/19/13 ---
0.107 Ineligible $ 500 K +
Krol 3 6/4/13 --- --- --- 0.118 poss 2015 $ 500 K +
Rondon 2 11/20/12
3/28/13 --- --- 0.104 Ineligible $ 500 K +
--- 0.000 Ineligible

$ 500 K +

Castellanos 3 9/ 2013 --- --- --- 0.029 Ineligible $ 500 K +
Options Left
On 40 man roster
First Option
Second Option
Third Option
Service Time
DOB/ Age
Pos/ Level
Crosby 0
11/18/11 3/15/12 3/12/14 ---
0.015 9/17/88 25

LHRP/ AAA Toledo

Perez 0
11/18/11 3/15/12 3/19/13 --- 0.065 3/26/91 23
2B/ Toledo
Ortega 0 of 4
11/2010 3/15/11 3/19/12



0.049 10/12/88 25 RHRP/ Toledo
F Martinez
3/12/14 0 9/1/90 23
3B/ Toledo
Mercedes 1
11/2012 3/11/13 3/12/14
0 11/2/90 23
RHRP/ Toledo
R Cabrera 1
11/2012 3/11/13 3/12/14 ---
0 11/5/89 24
C/ Erie
Belfiore 1 11/2012 3/11/13 3/07/14 ---
0.012 10/3/88 25 LHRP/ Toledo

Moya 2
11/2013 3/12/14 --- ---
0 8/9/91 22
OF/ AA Erie
Lennerton 2
11/2013 3/12/14 --- ---
0 2/16/86 28
1B/ Toledo
Fields 2
11/20/13 3/12/14 --- ---
0 1/23/91 23
Valdez 2
11/2013 3/12/14 --- ---
0 3/1/90 24
RHRP/ Erie
J Miller
11/2013 3/12/14 ---
0 6/13/87 26
RHRP/ Toledo
11/2013 3/23/14 ---
0 8/12/89 24
LHP/ Toledo
11/2013 3/12/14 ---
0 7/18/91 22
SS/ Erie

General Rules

Options: Once a player is placed on the team's 40 man roster, he may be sent on optional assignment (optioned) to the minor leagues in three separate seasons. That includes being optioned before the start of the season. A player who has less than five years experience as a pro, excluding short season leagues, but has been optioned three times, has a fourth option. This applies to Bryan Holaday and Jose Ortega.

A player may be optioned multiple times in one season, and only one option per season is used. A player who is optioned can not be recalled for at least ten days, unless another player is placed on the disabled list. A player who is optioned for a total of less than 20 days in a season is not charged with an option (and he receives major league pay for that period). Players on the major league disabled list also accrue major league service time.

Once a player has used up his options, he can not be sent to the minor leagues without first clearing waivers. If he clears waivers, he may then be taken off the 40 man roster and sent outright to the minors. A player may only be outrighted once in their career without their consent. A player who is outrighted more than once may declare free agency immediately or at the end of the season.

A player may not be optioned without his consent after he has accrued five years' service time in the major leagues. For example, Phil Coke now has more than five years' service time, so he can not be optioned without his consent. Rick Porcello, Alex Avila, and Austin Jackson will reach five years this season.

Arbitration eligibility: For purposes of free agency and arbitration, 172 days on the major league roster counts as one season. To be eligible for super two arbitration status, a player needs about two years and 121 days service time. (Read 2.121). Andy Dirks and Al Alburquerque were super two arbitration players this winter. They will have four years of arbitration eligibility before free agency.

These charts are updated periodically. You may want to bookmark this article for reference purposes. For a complete list of every player in the Tiger organization and where they are assigned, Eddie Bajek has keeps a complete database with this and lots of other valuable information.

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