Bless You Boys Podcast 111: The Hanrahan can!

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Al and HookSlide sum up a great of week of Tigers baseball, keep expectations for Robbie Ray under control, wonder how much it would cost to keep Victor Martinez versus signing Country Breakfast, MOAR ZUBAZ, and realize the NFL can be embarrassingly over-the-top.

Bless You Boys Podcast 111 was recorded May 9, 2014, has a running time of 1:03, and features Al Beaton and HookSlide.

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That was one Hell of a good week of Detroit Tigers baseball ... though it was was due to their thumping mediocre to bad competition.

Is the division all but in the Tigers' back pocket less than six weeks into the season?

Robbie Ray impresses in debut.

Before we get too excited over Ray, remember the cautionary tales of Andy Van Hekken and Andrew Miller.

Victor Martinez is not slowing down and is making a case for a contract extension. Should the Tigers consider it?

Joba Chamberlain spreads the Zubaz virus. But bad taste in clothes = good clubhouse.

The Tigers accommodate the Detroit Lions by moving the start time of their game on Monday September 8 to 4 PM, giving the 7 PM start to the Detroit Lions.  Considering where the two teams stand in their respective sports (title contender vs. laughingstock), the better team backed down for the sake of the fans.

NFL vs. MLB:

More bullpen talk, because the podcast would not be complete otherwise.

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