Tigers links: this pitching is crazy good

Jim Rogash

Rick Porcello is really good, Joba Chamberlain is really good, Joe Nathan is really, really good, so let's just skip straight to the postseason.

Tigers links

Rick Porcello Continues to Roll: Tiger Tales

But he's missing his next start because of tightness in his side. Hey, Rick, can you not flirt with injuries right now? Thanks.

Joba Chamberlain is Back, Baby: The Beanball

You see what happens when you let a guy just go ahead and grow his facial hair as long as he wants? Stupid Yankees ...

Detroit Tigers’ Closer Joe Nathan is Lights Out: Motor City Bengals

It's been a long time since the Detroit Tigers and their fans had a closer they felt comfortable with ... Even when Jose Valverde went 49 for 49 and didn't blow a save for the entirety of the 2011 season, it was never easy.

Remember when it was a late-and-close game, Joe Nathan would take the mound, and we'd all say, "Great, this game's basically over"? Yeah.

MLB draft is pitching-heavy, but Tigers might switch things up, take hitter early: Detroit News

Do the Tigers really need more pitching, or should they be looking to beef up the offense? And doesn't beef sound really good right now?

AL Central links

Indians will likely activate Jason Giambi on Tuesday: Sports Injury Alert

That's good news for the Tribe. Maybe they can lead the AL Central in walk-off home runs again.

Abreu to DL with ankle tendinitis: MLB.com

Maybe this will give Victor Martinez a chance to catch up and take league lead in home runs. What? There are five others ahead of him right now? Nevermind, then.

The Indians are the worst team in baseball at hitting left-handed pitching: Let's Go Tribe

This just really isn't looking like the Indians' year. And now they have to deal with Smyly, Verlander, and Scherzer in the upcoming series. Note: find out if Verlander and Scherzer can throw left-handed.

MLB links

Report: Stephen Drew, Boston Red Sox Not Engaged In Talks At This Time: NESN

Will Middlebrooks fractured his finger on Friday night, and that leaves the Red Sox with infield issues. That's in addition to their "Awful Ballpark" issues.

Fielder to miss few games with herniated disc in neck: MLB.com

The consecutive games streak has come to an end. Question of the day: now that the streak is over, will Prince start taking regular days off, like normal players?

Tigers social

"Stuck in Boston" is a terrifying phrase.

I guess if you've got to travel by bus, wearing Zubaz is the way to do it.

Check out Max, probably crushing the hell out of some candy back there.

You can run, Dude in the Background, but you can't avoid this photo.

You can argue with this picture, but your argument would immediately become invalid.

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