Beer of the Series 2.10 - Kansas City Royals

Jamie Squire

The amazing thing about this generation's Royals is the fact that, even though players like Salvador Perez and Billy Butler are doing next to nothing of late at the plate, they're getting more than enough from other sources. Butler's OPS is .567 and is somehow still higher than Michael Moustakas' as .552, and Perez's incendiary form from the first week and a half has cooled off mightily. It could be argued that their best hitter from the first month or so has Omar Infante.


So, they've been making up for it at the mound, with a team ERA of 3.35 and Yordano Ventura turning into Rookie Justin Verlander. Oh, and they still have Bruce Chen. Yeah, beer will be a good idea.

Boulevard Brewing Company is still the flagcarrier for Kansas City brews. They've used their status as the largest Midwestern microbrewery (kind of an oxymoron, I know) to continue to put out great, innovative beers as well as back them up with a stable of everyday stalwarts. This series, we will be profiling the Bully! Porter.



The Bully! Porter ticks all the boxes you want on an "Is this a great poter?" checklist. First, you have the deep brown, clear body with a fantastic oatmeal-colored, thick head that you could float a Joba Chamberlain on. Then, you have the coffee, chocolate, and chestnut aromas and the robust smoky bitterness cut out by a light, hoppy aftertaste that cleanses the palate, but leaves enough of the pleasant aromatics on the tongue to crave more. It's a thick, rib-sticking brew that pairs nicely with your bread puddings and chocolate mousses, and at 6% ABV and 49 IBUs, it's a great beer to have along with Dan and Jim late into the night as you ignore the Stanley Cup Playoffs all weekend.

Boulevard Brewing Company is located in Kansas City, MO.

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