Beer of the Series 2.15 - Cleveland Indians

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Apologies for the late post. Sometimes, life gets in the way of being a proper drunkard.

The series has not gone as planned thus far. With Michael Brantley channeling his inner Miguel Cabrera on Monday and Justin Verlander channeling his inner Mike Maroth last night, the Tigers 11-game road win streak has gone by the wayside. However, the lead in the AL Central is still quite comfortable, and even if they lose today, the overall road trip should be viewed as a success by any measure.

Two things I've learned in the Cleveland area that are vastly improved over living in Indy. First, the fact that the broadcasters for the local team (Matt Underwood and Rick Manning) are competent, entertaining, and informative is a welcome change for someone that had to deal with Hawk on a regular basis. Secondly, the beer availability and quality is fantastic. Yes, Michigan is still a better overall state, and yes, Indianapolis has grown as a microbrew destination, but the inability for quality beer to get inside the Indiana border is still frustrating. Here, I have a shop with 3,000 bottles, a solid microbrew culture, and a great selection of the good stuff. This series, we will be talking about the Headhunter IPA by Fat Heads.



As you've hopefully noticed with these posts over the past few weeks, I have tried to be more diverse about which beers I write about. I was accused of being too IPA heavy at one point. However, this is a beer that just needs to be written about. A big, bold hop aroma with the accents of both citrus and pine greets the drinker on the first sip. Unlike most IPAs, the color is almost reminiscent of a pilsner due mostly to the dry hopping that adds the extra bite to the beer. The blend of malt works as a vehicle to move the hoppy notes around the mouth and into the nose, and the clean, dry finish evokes the presence of grapefruit in the hop profile. This is truly a sensory experience, and at 7.5% ABV and 87 IBUs, it's one not for the faint of heart. Try it next time you're having spicy food for dinner, and watch how well the two play off each other.

Fat Heads Brewery is located in North Olmstead, OH.

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