Beer of the Series 2.16 - Texas Rangers

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I was talking to a coworker yesterday (Indians fan), and we were talking a little bit about the fact that the Tigers have already had more rainouts and played fewer games than the rest of the league. I feel that the team is good and deep enough to work through it, but we talked about how those games could be made up on hot days in July and August with some really rough temps. I'm hoping the team puts their road weariness behind them before that becomes another issue.

The Texas Rangers come into Comerica Park playing slightly disappointing baseball. The offense has been inconsistent, and the lack of solid pitching past Yu Darvish has been sorely missing. There's also a slight bit of irony in Prince Fielder being injured for the first time in four years before a series against the Tigers.

Dark Horse Brewing Company has been an emerging brewery over the past few years, mixing quality ingredients, attitude, and craziness to produce a canon of good stuff and some great holiday stouts. For this series, we're going to profile their Black Ale.



For a rather warm series, this is an odd choice, but this is a great, tasty beer that deserves a profile. A good way to see quality in a dark beer is a big, frothy head with a toasted caramel color, which this has. You could probably float a baseball on this head. It's also got a lovely aroma of coffee and chestnuts. The body is heavy and malty, but has great flavor, and washes away clean with a slight, woody hoppiness at the end. This is definitely a sipping beer in the AC after playing catch outside, and at 7.5% ABV and 27 IBUs, I don't recommend finishing the six pack during the game. Wait til afterwards to drink the last beer.

Dark Horse Brewing Company is located in Marshall, MI.

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