Beer of the Series 2.11 - Houston Astros

Bob Levey

If there is still interest in doing a Cleveland Indians/brewery tour day, let me know via the comments. I vote for Great Lakes, but I'd be good with any of the breweries around here. The biggest issue is that the weekend of June 20-22 is also my sister's wedding, so I will be out of town, but if y'all wanna do it without me, I guess that's fine (sniffle sniffle).

The Houston Astros come into Detroit bringing bats, balls, mitts, uniforms, and little else resembling a professional baseball team at this point. They are in year...3? 4? of the Kansas City Royals "We promise we'll be good next year" plan. To quote Bob Uecker, "They have a lot of new faces, and we'll get some of the names that match those faces when they become available." I rarely feel as confident going into a series as I do when we play these guys, so I fully expect to lose three of the next four. It's all my fault.

For this series, we will be venturing down the road from Detroit to Wolverine State Brewing Company. As I mentioned last year, Wolverine State is making all of their beers as lagers, fermenting them much colder than ales would be fermented and imparting a nice crisp flavor to several traditional ale styles. This series features the dark lager.



The Dark Lager is a smooth, clean dark brown that kind of works as a bit of a mindscrew. Since everything about the appearance and character of the beer out of the bottle screams dark and bitter, the first sip with a smooth crisp malty flavor is a bit confusing. The head opens up a clean, roasted body that evokes hints of coffee and roasted barley, and the lager yeast will cut the hoppiness to allow a crisp finish that cuts down on palate fatigue. At only 5% ABV and 19 IBUs, this is a great "entry level" dark beer to go along with the game and a chicken sandwich at the ballpark.

Wolverine State Brewing Company is located in Ann Arbor, MI.

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