Beer of the Series 2.26 - Houston Astros

That's so Texas. - USA TODAY Sports

A quick note on the Texas BOTS post. My buddy is still recovering from his "research" (he tells me he's a graduate research PhD candidate or something and has this work crap, but I think he's just drinking whatever he can get his hands on), so I'll add that in when he gets it done (most likely this weekend). Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

This weekend marks the halfway point of the season. It feels like the season has gone by rather quickly, but we still have 87 possible ulcer-inducing Phil Coke appearances to go, so ration your beers properly.

The Houston Astros are still in a rebuilding mode, but they do have a much better team than they did a year ago. Part of it is due to their core all being a year older, but it's mostly just George Springer hitting the crap out of the baseball in his first season. I predict that the predicted 2017 World Series Champs (yes, a magazine already picked them to do that) will be much like the Kansas City Royals in that they're always going to be great next year. Don't expect to stumble into Houston and walk out with an automatic sweep.

Buffalo Bayou is a kooky brewery down south doing some crazy things with beer, adding unique flavors to staid styles and creating well received quaffs. Today, we will talk about the Figaro Belgian.



Few beers are crafted for opening night at the opera, but that's exactly what the FIIIIIIIIIGAAAAAAAROOOOO was crafted for. The Houston Grand Opera was performing "The Barber Of Seville" and wanted Buffalo Bayou to have some fun. Out popped a quadrupel (a quasi-made up style fermented for four times as long as a standard ale, similar to a dubbel or a tripel) brewed with Turkish figs and a heavy spice palate. The nose is fruit forward with the fig and some raisin aromas, and a strong malt character gives the beer its color and complex flavors. There is enough hoppiness to clean the palate near the end, but this beer is most noted for its peppery and nutmeg notes. At 11% ABV and only 20 IBUs, it is a hearty sipping beer to savor through the night.

Buffalo Bayou Brewery is located in Houston, TX.

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