Beer of the Series 2.20 - Boston Red Sox

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Sorry for the late post. When you have two jobs, free time needs to be better budgeted.

We knew that it would be difficult for Toronto's bats to be silenced for too long. The back to back shots hit by Juan Francisco and Brett Lawrie probably haven't landed yet. It's rare that you'd say that you're happy to see the Blue Jays leave and the Red Sox come in, but we've already proven that baseball is weird this year thus far.

The Boston Red Sox are the Will Ferrell Memorial "We're Going Streaking!" Team this season, following a 10 game losing skid with a 7 game winning run. They are currently on a four game slide on their tour of the Midwest, having dropped three in a row in Cleveland before coming up to Comerica and losing last night. I'm moderately excited that I'll be able to watch the game tomorrow night, which means that we should count on a loss. Maybe I'll watch Orange is the New Black instead to give the Tigers a fighting chance.

This is just a reminder that the Michigan Summer Beer Festival is in Ypsilanti on July 25th and 26th. Go here to buy tickets.

If I remember correctly, we didn't do any profiles last year for Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales last season. If we didn't, I apologize, and I'm a dumbass. I'm particularly a dumbass because this beer is friggin' fantastic. Today, we're profiling the La Roja Amber Ale.



Well, it's nice to see Puss in Boots is getting work after the Shrek movies ended. The La Roja Amber Ale is more of a soured ale than a true amber, using intentionally spoiled yeast to create off flavors that add a unique tartness to the beer. Most ambers lend themselves to being easily soured due to the their malt profiles working as a great vehicle for the sour flavors. La Roja has a unique smoothness up front with a blend of caramel and raspberries, plus the hoppy bite at the end to clean up the palate. The oak barrel aging and bottle conditioning will mellow the flavors and give a subtle earthy accent. This is not a session beer, but it is a fantastic sipping beer to socialize with and enjoy the flavors. It is definitely a unique quaff, and at 7.2% ABV and about 25 IBUs, it's going to pair nicely with dessert.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales is located in Dexter, MI.

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