Beer of the Series 2.27 - Oakland A's

Leon Halip

With the calendar turning from June to July, the thermometer getting hotter, and the lawnmower getting more work, we're getting to the part of the year where baseball and the Tigers are the headliners on the calendar. This series will also see the Tigers cross the halfway point in the schedule as well, so hopefully we can see a strong finish to the first half be the spring board into the dog days when every move becomes a little more scrutinized than it might have been during the NHL/NBA playoffs or the World Cup.

The Oakland A's are still playing solid baseball, but they're not quite as hot as the Tigers were coming into this series. Still, they're a team that can never be taken lightly. Josh Donaldson and Yoenis Cespedes are capable of hitting balls and making catches in even the most cavernous of ballparks, and despite Rajai Davis' magic on Monday night, their bullpen is still one of the better back ends in baseball. Even if the Tigers pull the series out, don't be surprised to see someone you've never heard of or someone that sucked for a while somewhere else help take roaring into the playoffs.

New Holland Brewing has started crafting artisan spirits as well as producing fine beers. Their most notable in my opinion, is the Beer Barrel Bourbon aged in Dragon's Milk barrels (which I would LOVE for someone to send me a fifth, please????), but they're still best known for their high gravity beers. This series focuses on the Monkey King Farmhouse Ale.



The Monkey King Farmhouse is a great saison-style beer for the summer. It's slightly spicy and very complex for its style, using the malts and hops to play off each other to give slight flavors of clove, banana, and allspice with a piney nose. The finish is clean, leaving the drinker to experience all the wonderment again. It pairs well with seafood, and at 5.6% ABV and 23 IBUs, you can have a few and not feel too woozy for the Fourth.

New Holland Brewing Company is located in Holland, MI.

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