Reintroducing Drew Smyly, starting pitcher

Drew Smyly has not started since 2012, but will break that streak tonight against the Los Angeles Angels.

Is it time to give up on Alex Gonzalez?

Fielder'sChoice examines the Tigers' shortstop options.

How to get Alex Avila out

Alex Avila has shown some interesting tendencies at the plate during his career.

Bless You Boys: Our name has sarcastic roots

Next time you yell "Bless You Boys!" after a Tigers win, give a shout out to Acid Al Ackerman.

Alex Avila: Still Tigers catcher of the future?

Remember when "Praise Avila" was a thing?


Alex Avila's True Value

Avila has been horrendous at the plate this season, but it's what he does behind the plate that makes him valuable.

Monday Morning Manager: Tigers week in review

If it's Monday, it's Monday Morning Manager. See how that works?

Bullpens are becoming a problem everywhere

Many bullpens are struggling early in the season as a look around SB Nation reveals


Numbers support Nathan's annual 'dead arm' period

This isn't Joe Nathan getting old. This is Joe Nathan being Joe Nathan.

Cabrera projects to be one of the game's greatest

Just for fun, let's compare him to one of the best hitters in history.


Trying to fix Phil Coke

Your mission, should you choose to accept it ...

Rembering Chris Shelton

In 2006, Red Pop bolted out of the starting gate as hot as his flaming red hair.

Do I trust him more than Phil Coke?

Get on board with the latest craze in General Manager party games!

Updated Tigers' 40 man roster, options, minutiae

After all the trades and roster cuts this spring, here is a complete list of the Tigers' 40 man roster, complete with options remaining, service time and contract status for each player.

Ausmus brings change, and change is good

The Tigers' new manager's moves make sense, and that makes the games easier to watch

Kill the buzz kill. No day off after Opening Day!

It's time to get rid of the day off after Opening Day.

From Gates to V-Mart, it takes a special guy to DH

The designated hitter rule has been around for over 40 years, yet no DH has made it into the Hall of Fame. That should tell you something.

Five keys to success for the Tigers in 2014

Most of the concerns that the Tigers have entering the 2014 season can be answered by key players doing what they've done in the past.

Cabrera's contract details emerge

The details of MIguel Cabrera's record shattering $ 248 million plus extension have emerged.

Miguel Cabrera courting second Triple Crown title

It's a serious relationship only Miguel Cabrera can pursue in proper fashion.

Left field decision more than left- right platoon

Why the Tigers will not be deploying a straight left- right platoon in left field.

Tigers not as strong, but should win AL Central

After a busy off season, the 2014 Tigers figure to be weaker in their rotation, lineup, and bullpen, but still should win the AL Central Division.

Worth hopes to rejoin the Tigers some time in 2014

Danny Worth still waiting to finally have a chance to earn regular playing time in Detroit.

Projecting Cabrera's value to the Tigers

An analysis of Miguel Cabrera's contract extension reveals that the Tigers have a reasonable chance of coming out ahead on the deal

Romine brings defense and speed to new look Tigers

Andrew Romine looked like the primary shorstop on the Tigers until they traded for Alex Gonzalez. Now, he waits his turn as a utility infielder.

Cabrera, today's "Mr. Tiger," now paid as such

The Tigers' reported contract extension offer to Miguel Cabrera is for about $30 million a year. All things considered, they got off cheap.

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