Grapefruit League 2013

Keeping up with Florida Grapefruit League action during 2013 spring training.

Spring Training Game 35: Tigers at Rays


The Tigers play their final game of the Spring Training season today in Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Spring Training Game 34: Rays at Tigers


The Tigers will play their last home game of the Spring Training season at Joker Marchant Stadium today. No, it's not on TV.

Spring Training Game 33: Tigers at Astros


Today is a split-squad game for the Astros in case you still care at this point.

Spring Training Game 32: Phillies at Tigers


Alright, this year's ESPN broadcast isn't going to involve anyone's face being busted by a groundball, right? RIGHT?!

Spring Training Game 31: Braves at Tigers


Seriously, can we be done with these games now?

Spring Training Game 30: Tigers at Marlins


One week until Opening Day!

Spring Training Game 29: Tigers at Mets


Tired of watching your bracket get ripped to shreds? Take a break from basketball and watch the Tigers instead.

Spring Training Game 28: Yankees at Tigers


I will be making my Spring Training debut today at Joker Marchant Stadium. (Un)fortunately, this one won't be on TV, so you won't be able to see me miserably flail at a Miguel Cabrera home run ball...

Spring Training Game 27: Tigers at Nationals


Last minute gamethread in case anyone's watching...

Spring Training Game 26: Astros at Tigers


The only thing worse than end-of-Spring Training baseball is having an off day, so it will be nice to not have one of those again today.


Spring Training Game 25: Rays at Tigers


This one's on FSD!

Spring Training Game 24: Tigers at Nationals


It seems like we just did this yester... oh wait, we did.

Spring Training Game 23: Nationals at Tigers


Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Just 15 days until the regular season starts in Minnesota.

Spring Training Game 22: Tigers at Cardinals


The Tigers get their first look at the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals today in Jupiter, FL.

Spring Training Game 21: Blue Jays at Tigers


The Tigers return home today to face Ricky Romero and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Spring Training Game 20: Tigers at Mets


Let the media circus begin: Bruce Rondon is scheduled to pitch today against the New York Mets

Spring Training Game 18: Tigers at Phillies


The Tigers return to TV today (finally!) when they play in Clearwater against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Spring Training Game 17: Mets at Tigers


More day baseball, more radio coverage.

Spring Training Game 16: Nationals at Tigers


Talk about the Tigers game here! Or just watch the World Baseball Classic like the rest of us.

Spring Training Game 15: Tigers at Blue Jays


The Tigers travel to Dunedin today to play against the Toronto Blue Jays. Doug Fister and Ricky Romero are your starting pitchers.

Spring Training Game 14: Mets at Tigers


The Tigers return to Lakeland today to take on the New York Mets.

Spring Training Game 12: Tigers at Braves


The Tigers will play their first night game of the season today against the Atlanta Braves. I wonder what trade rumors will develop as the game goes on?

Spring Training Game 12: Blue Jays at Tigers


There is baseball again today.

Spring Training Game 12: Astros at Tigers


Rick Porcello makes his third start of the spring as the Tigers return to Fox Sports Detroit today (it's about time...) against the Houston Astros.

Spring Training SS Thread: Tigers at NYY, vs. PIT


The Tigers will play their first split-squad matchups of the season, facing both the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Mini-Miggy homers vs. New York Mets


Since the MLB seems to have slackened their hold on allowing lowlifes like us to embed videos on our sideshow blogs, we'll start bringing you as many Spring Training highlights as possible. Here, Avisail Garcia gives us a nice preview of what Miguel Cabrera will be doing for Team Venezuela during the World Baseball Classic.

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