Open Threads

How many games will the Tigers win?


Here's your chance to adjust your preseason predictions.

All-Star Game Open Thread


Watching the game and all of its ridiculousness? Chat with your pals at BYB and enjoy it.

Home Run Derby Open Thread


No Tigers participating this year, but feel free to chat about the fun here.


Share your delights and disappointments

Dee brings back a yearly tradition: delights and disappointments at the season's midway mark.

World Cup Open Thread: Day 2


Three games are on the slate today; Mexico vs. Cameroon, Spain vs. Netherlands, and Chile vs. Australia

World Cup Open Thread: Day 1


Brazil faces off against Croatia today in the opening match of the World Cup.

Who are the best announcers in baseball?


Awful Announcing released a list of the best and worst broadcasting teams in baseball. The Tigers crew came in eleventh place.

New York Times releases map of baseball fandom


The Tigers completely own the state of Michigan, and a good chunk of Ohio.



It rained. No baseball. BOO. Now what? Despair.

BYB Fantasy Baseball 2014: calling all managers!


The long awaited day is here: BYB's fantasy baseball leagues are back!


Top Tigers Countdown #50: Mark Fidrych


The Bird's career was cut short due to injuries, but he electrified the Tigers and their fans in his 1976 rookie season.

Top Tigers Countdown #49: Carlos Guillen


Shortstop Carlos Guillen owns two of the top 10 best seasons by a shortstop in franchise history, but will he be remembered for more than one home run in the twilight of his career?

Top Tigers Countdown #48: Tony Phillips


Super utility man Tony Phillips had five consecutive seasons with 4 WAR or more with the Tigers in the early 1990s.

Top Tigers Countdown #47: Jim Northrup


Northrup was a solid role player who had a pair of outstanding seasons in the Tigers' outfield in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Top Tigers Countdown #46: Ivan Rodriguez


One of the greatest catchers of all-time, "Pudge" is a big reason why the Tigers are relevant again.

Top Tigers Countdown #45: Willie Hernandez


Willie Hernandez was a dominant closer for the Tigers in 1984 and a three-time All-Star in the mid-1980s.

Top Tigers Countdown #44: Rocky Colavito


Slugger Rocky Colavito spent most of his career in Cleveland, but was extremely popular with fans during his four seasons in Detroit.

Top Tigers Countdown #43: Goose Goslin


Hall of Fame outfielder Goose Goslin spent four years in Detroit and drove in the decisive run in the 1935 World Series.

Top Tigers Countdown #42: Billy Rogell


Rogell served as Charlie Gehringer's double play partner for 10 years, and the two were one of the longest tenured middle infields in baseball history.

Top Tigers Countdown #41: Cecil Fielder


Cecil Fielder put up some huge power numbers with the Tigers in the early 1990s, including the American League's first 50-homer season in 30 years.

Top Tigers Countdown #40: George Mullin


He only spent 12 seasons in Detroit, but George Mullin pitched the most innings in franchise history and helped lead the Tigers to three consecutive World Series appearances in the early 1900s.

Top Tigers Countdown #39: Bill Donovan


The Jack Morris of the early 1900s, Bill Donovan won 140 games for the Tigers in 11 seasons.

Top Tigers Countdown #38: Heinie Manush


Manush's Tigers career ended shortly after Ty Cobb hung up his spikes, but a number of great years in St. Louis and Washington turned him into a Hall of Famer down the road.

Top Tigers Countdown #37: Donie Bush


Donie Bush was the shortstop that you are praying Jose Iglesias turns into.

Top Tigers Countdown #36: Travis Fryman


Travis Fryman becomes the first player on our countdown to spend his entire Tigers career in the dreaded 1990s.

Top Tigers Countdown #35: Frank Lary


"The Yankee Killer" had some excellent seasons for some bad Tigers teams, but still lands at #35 on our countdown.

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