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Bless You Boys Podcast 125: Meet the beat writer


HookSlide returns from vacation to rejoin Big Al on this week's BYB Podcast, bringing with him a special guest - Tigers beat writer Chris Iott of

BYB Podcast 124: Joe Nathan, public enemy number 1


HookSlide takes the week off, but we welcome back Detroit News columnist and BYB's own Kurt Mensching back to the podcast to discuss Joe Nathan vs. the Tigers' fan base, Kurt vs. the Tigers' fan...

BYB Podcast 123: What happened to the offense?


This week Neil Weinberg of New English D and Fangraphs joins us to talk Tigers, Rick Porcello, Brad Ausmus, and all things advanced metrics. In the second half of the show, HookSlide and Big Al...

BYB Podcast 122: Meet Ben Chiswick (Price too!)


On BYB Podcast 122 Big Al and HookSlide broke from their usual format with a live show. Joining us was Ben Chiswick, play-by-play man for the West Michigan Whitecaps. The second half of the show is...

Bless You Boys Podcast 121: All hail Joakim Soria


A bleary-eyed Big Al and HookSlide spend another show talking about the Tigers' bullpen, ponder the pros and cons of the Joakim Soria deal along with the Joe Nathan and prospect fallout, debunk...

BYB Podcast 120: The Derek Jeter Invitational


This week Big Al and HookSlide talk far too much about Joe Nathan and the bullpen in general, wonder how Jim Leyland would handle the closer situation, complain about All-Star Game coverage and the...

BYB Podcast 119: The streakiest bunch of streakers


This week Big Al and HookSlide ponder why the Tigers are so damned streaky, cover all things All-Star Game, decide Don Kelly will be the odd man out when Andy Dirks returns, and reference Brandon...

BYB Podcast 118: You can't have enough Martinezes


Big Al and HookSlide discuss another winning week of Detroit Tigers baseball, ask where the team stands at the midpoint, have the weekly bullpen discussion, realize the team is cornering the...

BYB Podcast 117: What a difference a week makes


One week after another BYB podcast full of talk of what's wrong with the Tigers, Al and HookSlide revel in their undefeated week, are impressed by Rick Porcello and J.D. Martinez, appreciate Torii...

BYB Podcast 116: Ausmus has foot-in-mouth disease


This week Al and HookSlide discuss the reaction to Brad Ausmus' unfortunate joke, see encouraging signs despite the Tigers losing 3-of-4 to the Royals, ponder the possibility of benching Torii...


BYB Podcast 115: The Torii Hunter problem


This week the gang discusses Torii Hunter, Joe Nathan, Justin Verlander, the differences between Brad Ausmus and Jim Leyland, the lack of outfield production and HookSlide's visit to U.S. Cellular...

Bless You Boys Podcast 114: The fog of baseball


Big Al and HookSlide commiserate over what has been an awful two weeks of Detroit Tigers baseball, including throwing players under buses, brutal slumps, assigning blame, more shortstop and bullpen...

Bless You Boys Podcast 113: Blame it on the Zubaz


The prodigal editor returns! Curmudgeonly Kurt joins Al and HookSlide to discuss a miserable week of Tigers baseball, including the odd use of Phil Coke, Danny Worth as a shutdown reliever and look...

BYB Podcast 112: Cobb and Gehringer, a list of 2


This week, Big Al and HookSlide cover another very good week of Detroit Tigers baseball while debating purpose pitches, the weekly shortstop discussion, umpires getting the benefit of the doubt...

Bless You Boys Podcast 111: The Hanrahan can!


Al and HookSlide sum up a great of week of Tigers baseball, keep expectations for Robbie Ray under control, wonder how much it would cost to keep Victor Martinez, MOAR ZUBAZ, and realize the NFL...

BYB Podcast 110: Why am I so outraged?!


This week Big Al and HookSlide discuss Joel Hanrahan, admit we still still get Hella upset with a first place team, remember stats can refute what you think your eyes tell you and keep expectations...

BYB Podcast 109: The bullpen is a dumpster fire


This week Al and HookSlide talk more about the worst first place team ever, including Miguel Cabrera being written off by sports talk radio, the bullpen "situation," Torii Hunter refusing to age,...

BYB Podcast 108: Justin Miller, bullpen savior


This week Al and HookSlide talk the state of the team with the third best record in the AL, robbing Peter (the bench) to pay Paul (the bullpen), second guessing Brad Ausmus, Kinsler being a better...

BYB Podcast 107: LuPu is not imaginary


The morning after the Tigers are one-hit in the middle of the night, Al, Kurt and HookSlide struggle their way though discussing the worst 5-3 team ever, dead arms, not-so-imaginary relief...

BYB Podcast 106: Dave Clark is glad all over


The gang is back together to recap the first week of Detroit Tigers baseball. Al, Kurt and HookSlide talk TOOTBLAN, Brad Ausmus' strategy, Miguel Cabrera's 2000th hit, instant replay, paternity...

BYB Podcast 105: Miguel Cabrera is a very rich man


In an episode all about the Benjamins, Al and Hookslide cover the fallout from the Tigers' historic contract extension with Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer's contract negotiations ending in futility...

BYB Podcast 104: Andrew Romine to the rescue?


Kurt and Al give their HOT SPORTS TAKES on the loss of Jose Iglesias and Bruce Rondon for the season and new shortstop Andrew Romine, wonder if Stephen Drew worth a one-year deal, and advise...

BYB Podcast 103: Leave Nick Castellanos alone!


Al, Kurt and Hookslide return to discuss Kurt's adventures in Lakeland, the health of Mike Ilitch, Andy Dirks and Jose Iglesias, Ian Kinsler's actually saying what he thinks, Justin Velrander's...

BYB Podcast 102: The podcast of our discontent


On this week's BYB Podcast, Big Al and HookSlide welcome pitchers and catchers, quote Shakespeare, compare the Olympics to baseball, say goodbye to Joel Zumaya, delve into the ugly politics of...

BYB Podcast 101: Upton, Verlander and TMZ


The BYB Podcast returns after a six week hiatus! Kurt, Al and HookSlide come out swinging by debating Kate Upton, Max Scherzer's regression, ZIPS Projections, farm system rankings, the BBWAA and...

Bless You Boys Podcast 100: Christmas can eat it


In the final BYB Podcast of 2013, Kurt, Al and HookSlide debate the merits of the Tigers' off season moves, eviscerate the BBWAA over the Hall of Fame vote and celebrate the holiday season and...

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