Tigers GIFs

GIF: Raul Ibanez falls down


Even fielders fear Martinez's mighty swing now.

GIF: Kinsler waves at Rangers dugout after homer


That will probably go over well with Rangers fans.

GIF: Joe Nathan drops f-bomb on mound


He wasn't happy, we think.

Miguel Cabrera homers off Iwakuma


Cabrera doesn't often give us this type of bat flip, but this was a bomb.

GIF: Danny Worth, nasty knuckleballer


The Tigers shortstop impressed in his pitching debut this afternoon.

GIF: Cabrera, Ausmus ejected in #umpshow


Brad Ausmus must have fit some awful big (and mean) words into his brief conversation with Tim Timmons this afternoon.

GIF: Torii Hunter homers, bat flips


Hunter hit his second monster home run in three days tonight in the top of the first inning.

GIF: Joba Chamberlain is having more fun than you


Joba Chamberlain is not only a connoisseur of Zubaz, he can get the kinks out of your legs.

GIF: Fan catches foul ball, kid unimpressed


A fan with a child in one arm caught a foul ball in the other.

GIF: Don Kelly robs homer on Jim Leyland Day


The DonBot honors Jim Leyland the best way he knows how.


GIF: #Maxface returns


Max Scherzer was fired up in the eighth inning of tonight's game.

GIF: Jarred Cosart throws a spitball (maybe)


Did Houston's Jarred Cosart throw a spitball tonight?

GIF: Bryan Holaday's bunt single


Tigers lead 4-3!

GIF: Miguel Cabrera triples, scorer disagrees


Yeah, that guy is wrong.

GIF: Nick Castellanos homers to right field


The rookie phenom displayed some surprising power (at this point) with an opposite field home run.

GIF: Drew Smyly has hops, turns double play


White men *can* jump.

GIF: Miguel Cabrera homers, Tigers fans exhale


Miguel Cabrera went 3-for-5 tonight, reminding fans that he's still good at this whole baseball thing.

GIF: Ian Kinsler scores from first base on a walk


Featuring the longest run-on sentence ever!

GIF: Justin Verlander's first career hit


Verlander snapped an 0-for-26 streak with a single up the middle on Saturday night.

GIF: Brad Ausmus is the Tigers' new shortstop


Ausmus barehanded a foul ball without flinching, and kept spitting his seeds.

GIF: Nick Castellanos' first career home run


The rookie third baseman took Josh Beckett deep to dead center field.

GIF: Max Scherzer dives, misses horribly


People laughed, laughed more

GIF: Jonathan Schoop eats it running the bases


Sniper on the loose!

GIF: Torii Hunter homers for third straight game


Hunter went hitless against the Kansas City Royals, but broke out this weekend against the Baltimore Orioles.

GIF: Torii Hunter doubles, homers, drives in 5 RBI


Hunter has five of the seven Tigers RBI today (and counting).

GIF: Tigers continue #gettingcrunk


The Tigers were caught by cameras dancing in the dugout before toady's game.

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